• 5 Ways to Stop Your Nose from Tickling

    That tingly or tickly feeling in your nose can be annoying—especially when no amount of blowing or rubbing makes a difference. What does that nose tingle mean? Is it something serious you should be worried about? Read on for possible causes and treatments for your nose tingling. Reasons for a Tickle in the Nose Before […]


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  • Is A Sinus Infection Contagious?

    When someone close to you—a friend or family member—gets a sinus infection, your first instinct may be to avoid them. Or you may reach for the hand sanitizer if you can’t get to a sink to scrub your hands. Those are understandable reactions, especially given how miserable sinus infections can make a person feel. It’s […]


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  • Can a Sinus Infection Cause Dizziness and Nausea?

    If you’ve felt acute pain and pressure behind your cheeks and forehead, chances are you’ve had a sinus infection. You might have also experienced other symptoms that didn’t seem related to your sinuses, such as dizziness or nausea. Are those symptoms linked? Read on to find out more about your sinuses, what can cause an […]


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  • Why Do I Have A Foul Odor in My Nose?

    Can you detect bad smells that no one else seems to? Are you sniffing foul odors that don’t seem to have a source? If this is you and the smells linger, you might be feeling a bit crazy and desperate for relief. Rest assured, there are possible explanations for those bad smells in your nose. […]


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  • The Sleep Apnea Side Effects, No one Tells You About

    Are you or your partner plagued by snoring? Do you toss and turn throughout the night? Wake up feeling drained? It could be that you suffer from sleep apnea. This condition often goes undiagnosed because many sleep apnea side effects can be attributed to other conditions, which means these side effects tend not to be […]


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