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How Turbinate Reduction Can Be Effective for Swollen Nasal Passages

If you suffer from turbinate enlargement, you may also experience lower-than-normal productivity in both your work and personal life, due to nasal discomfort and a lack of a restful sleep.  Such a condition often results in an increased risk of nasal allergies and heightened snoring.

Turbinate reduction is usually required when its enlargement obstructs other portions of the nose and airway causing disorders such as:

Dr. Nguyen is a board certified head and neck surgeon who has extensive training in the diseases of the ears, nose and throat.  With over ten years experience as an ENT doctor, Dr. Nguyen is an expert in performing turbinate reduction surgery (also known as turbinate coblation).

Benefits of Turbinate Reduction

The turbinate reduction procedure, as performed by Dr. Nguyen, is quick and can take as little as 90 seconds per side to complete with the use of local anesthetic. Feedback from this surgery has shown high levels of patient satisfaction, effective relief that increases over time, and sustained reduction in the degree of nasal obstruction.

Three months after the procedure, 75% of patients report improvement in nasal breathing, and after 6 months the number of patients increases to 85%.

In addition, turbinate reduction procedures are usually covered by insurance.

What to Expect with Turbinate Reduction Surgery

Turbinate reduction surgery is implemented to correct the problem of nasal obstruction by reducing the turbinate size and thereby decreasing airway resistance while preserving the natural function of the turbinate. This should improve nasal breathing and may reduce nasal drainage, post-nasal drip and nasal allergies.

There are three common approaches to turbinate reduction surgery:

Turbinate Coblation

Turbinate coblation is an advanced technology that combines gentle radio frequency energy with a natural salt solution to quickly and safely remove tissue. This represents an alternative to traditional procedures which may cause excessive bleeding or damage to surrounding healthy tissue. Coblation does not remove tissue by heating or burning, leaving the healthy tissue surrounding the target tissue unaffected.

Intramural Cautery

This procedure can be easily conducted in the doctor’s office and it does not involve cutting or removing of the mucous membranes.  In this procedure, a probe or needle is inserted into the nostril which vaporizes or cauterizes the blood vessels.

Submucous Resection

A small incision is made in the turbinate exposing the bone.  A section of the bone is then removed and the mucous membranes along with nasal packing are pressed down onto the exposed bone.  Sometimes a suction micro-de-brider is used which replaces the need for an incision.

Where Can Houston Residents Get Turbinate Reduction?

As an expert in the field of ear, nose and throat, Dr. Nguyen is frequently featured in the media due to his extensive practice within this field. His experience can certainly help you if you feel you are suffering from a turbinate inflammation.

Make an appointment with Dr. Nguyen today to determine if turbinate reduction surgery is right for you, and get the relief you need. Either book an assessment or contact us, and treat your swollen nasal problem today!