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10 Excellent Apps to Help You Sleep Better

sleep apnea treatment HoustonThere’s a difference between sleeping and resting.  Lacking in sleep can have profoundly negative effects on our health and well-being.

Life would be easier if we didn’t have to sleep.  Until we find something better than caffeine, we’ll have to make do and be resourceful.  Here’s a list of some cool apps we found that get the most out of sleep:

#1:  Trello

Stress can contribute a lot to the quality of your sleep.  Poor time management compounds the issue.

Trello by Fog Creek Software offers a complete system to help you keep organized.  It’s intuitive interface makes for a shallow learning curve.

By being more in control at home or work, your mind won’t be so worked up with stress when you’re trying to sleep.

Costs:  Free
Business Edition: $5/month per user or $45/year for business.
Available:  Android & iOS

#2:  Alarmy (Sleep if U Can)

Deep sleeping can really interfere with getting up on time.  We subconsciously hit the snooze button through a dozen alarms.  Cue “the world’s most annoying alarm app”.

Offering up a myriad of features, the essence of the app made by Delight Room Co. involves taking a picture of say, your sink and having a relentless alarm torture you until you get up and take the same picture.

A little intense, but it works.

Costs:  Free
Available:  Android

#3:  Sleep as Android

Urbandroid team has innovated with their Sleep as Android app.  A full featured suite of tools help you tailor your sleep.

Everything from measuring your REM cycle and waking up at the right time to graphs on your snoring is at your disposal.  If you’ve ever wanted to fine tune your snoozing and see improvement, this is a safe bet.
Costs:  Free
Available:  Android

#4:  Self-Hypnosis for Meditation

Meditation can have benefits both physically and mentally.  This can translate into how well you sleep.

Imoblife has put together a functional little app that lets you set the conditions for your session.  After a while your health in general will start to reap the benefits.

Costs:  Free
Available:  Android

#5:  SnoreClock

Are you in denial about your snoring?  If everyone around you is complaining and you’re defending your innocence, SnoreClock can put the matter to rest.

Recording you all night, Ralph Schiffhauer’s handy app lets you look at a night’s worth of noise in landscape view and isolate potential snores.

Costs:  2.69 €
Available:  iOS, Android

#6:  Sleep Assess

Need a sleep apnoea treatment?  Just like SnoreClock tracks snores, Sleep Assess cross-references data to see whether you have Sleep Apnea or not.

ResMed’s tool will analyze your breathing and could help you identify any underlying lung issues.  Great for piece of mind.

Costs:  Free
Available:  iOS, Android

#7:  Dream On

Skan Ventures’ Dream On App is fantastic.  Having received dozens of accolades, this handy little program will help you ease into desired dreams.

Using similar technology to some other apps, Dream On activates at the right time during your REM Cycle.  The Soundscape then helps you attain your desired dream state.

Your sleep could improve just by dreaming of something more agreeable.

Costs:  Free
Available:  iOS, Android

#8:  Quick Nap

Delightfully simple in it’s design, Navkar Technologies’ app is simply a matter of clicks to get going.  This fire-and-forget architecture makes for effortless naps.

Besides offering you a bit of a boost, naps have been proven to have excellent side-effects on your overall health.

Costs:  Free
Available:  Android


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