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3 Myths About Winter Allergies

winter allergies

Do you suffer from allergies all year round?

You’ve probably heard the myths that circulate about allergies in the winter. These incorrect statements aren’t true, and they don’t help anyone. Read on to learn some of the stories people tell and get the facts about winter allergies.

“Allergies Go Away in the Winter”

Here’s a fact: just because there’s snow on the ground doesn’t mean that allergens disappear entirely.

Where did this myth come from? There are a number of allergies that are highly prevalent in the spring and summer months, such as hayfever. However, if you’re allergic to mold or pets, those allergies won’t go away in the winter, because the pet or mold is present all the time.

“Allergies Aren’t as Bad in the Winter”

This is just as wrong as the previous myth. While it acknowledges that there is such a thing as winter allergies, this incorrect statement doesn’t take into account the fact that there are certain factors that can worsen your allergies during the coldest season.

Why can your winter allergies actually be worse than other times of the year? Let’s say you’re allergic to mold. During the winter, you spend more time indoors with the windows closed and the heating turned on. Those two factors heighten your exposure to mold and make your allergies even more intense than in other seasons.

“Traveling to a Different Climate Will Help Your Allergies”

This one must have been developed by a travel agent. There’s no evidence that going to other climates, either permanently or temporarily, will put an end to your allergy woes.

We’ll take the example of a mold allergy. If you’re allergic to mold, traveling to a colder climate won’t help you, because you’ll still be exposed to the allergen. And traveling the opposite route, from cold to warm, won’t make matters better. A pollen allergy will reawaken in a climate where it doesn’t get cold enough for trees and plants to freeze. You might have escaped the mold or pet allergy for one to pollen.

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