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4 Questions to Ask When Looking for an Allergy Doctor

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You’ve had enough! That last sneeze made you finally decide to contact an allergy doctor, but now you’re scratching your head. Just what do you need to look for to find the right one?

Before we get to the initial consultation you should know what an allergy doctor can actually help with. Take a closer look at what has you thinking about seeing an allergist.  Sneezing and sniffling for a few days during the winter usually doesn’t require it.

You need to make sure it’s something that either happens often or is unpleasant enough to set it apart from a common ailment.

Some signs that what you’re going through is allergic include:

  • Sinus or breathing issues
  • Symptoms flare up at night
  • Rashes or skin irritations
  • Discomfort in eyes, mouth or sinus cavities
  • Falling ill for long periods or entire seasons

If you’ve nodded your head to one or more of those, it’s time to ask some questions.

Is it me or is it the environment?

When your entire body decides to revolt for reasons unknown, it’s easy to turn your life upside down without realizing it can be the world around you that’s to blame.

Ask about environmental factors like plants, dust and humidity. Your sinuses may seem to hate you but they might simply be unhappy with what they’re trying to filter out.

Should I eat differently?

Everything from body composition to mental state can be influenced by diet and if you’re being driven nuts by your allergies than altering what you eat can improve things.

Ask about any foods that will help, and discuss your diet with your allergist.

When do I call for help?

Aching sinuses, blocked breathing and rapid swelling are all things that have the potential to be dangerous. Knowing when you should take a medication, see your allergist, or go to the emergency room is an important distinction to make.

Ask about your situation, be honest with your symptoms and make sure you’re clear about when you need to seek help.

What are my options?

Ask your doctor about the various allergy treatments that are available to you. Depending on your situation, some may be better than others.  Besides medicines that help you cope, there are a variety of long-term solutions like shots that can make your allergies a bad memory.

You may literally be itching to ask your doctor a few questions but that doesn’t mean they won’t have any for you, either. Be prepared to answer anything they ask and make sure you explain what you eat, where you live & work, and what medication you’re already taking.

Are you looking for an allergy doctor in Houston?

Finding an allergy doctor isn’t as hard as you think and once you find one, you’ll not only have peace of mind, but you’ll be able to get back to feeling normal again.

If you’re experiencing any allergy symptoms, let us help you find relief. Book an assessment with Houston Sinus & Allergy today!

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