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5 Common Symptoms of a Sinus Infection in Kids

sinus infection in kid

Every parent should take the time to learn more about the most common symptoms of a sinus infection in kids. Parents often mistake a sinus infection for a cold, but if they are aware of sinus infection symptoms, they are more likely to recognize the difference.  A sinus infection is more serious than a simple cold and children who have one need to visit their family physician or paediatrician as soon as possible.

Here are five common sinus infection symptoms in kids:

  • Stuffy or runny nose
  • Lasting fever
  • Persistent cough that does not clear up on its own
  • Headaches and facial pain around the eyes or back of the neck
  • Congestion and swelling around the cheeks or eyes

Stuffy or Runny Nose

While colds usually last for up to ten days, cold symptoms often improve by the fifth day. The cold like symptoms that are caused by a viral infection last longer than ten days and do not improve over time. Children who have a cold may have clear nasal discharge that turns white, green or yellow and then turns clear again as the child gets better. Kids who have a sinus infection may have thick yellow nasal discharge for a minimum of three consecutive days.

Fever Is a Common Symptom of a Sinus Infection in Kids

Although a child who has a cold may have a low-grade fever, the fever does not last long and the child begins to feel better within ten days. Kids who have an infection can develop a low-grade fever after they have been sick for a while because the body is trying to fight off the infection. If a child has a cold they will feel better once the fever subsides, but if they have an infection, they will continue to have headaches, earaches or other pain associated with a sinus infection.

Persistent Cough

Children with an infection may have a cough that becomes worse in the morning and evening. A persistent cough is a sign of a more serious condition. A child who has a cough that does not clear up on its own needs to visit a physician to see whether they have a sinus infection, bronchitis or other illness that requires antibiotic treatment.

Headache and Facial Pain

While children may have a regular headache when they have a cold, kids with a sinus infection may experience a severe headache that causes pain in the eye area or in the back of their neck. This pain intensifies when the child leans over. A child may also become sensitive to light. In some cases, a child may also experience swelling, redness or dark circles around the eye area.


When a child has a cold, their congestion will clear up within one week. A child who has an infection will continue to experience congestion as well as fever, sinus pain and swelling around the cheeks or eyes.

Learning More About Symptoms of a Sinus Infection in Kids

It is important for parents to know when to take their child to the doctor. Once children receive the medical treatment they need their symptoms usually subside quickly. Parents should find out more about the best treatment options available as well as the symptoms of a sinus infection in kids.

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