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5 Important Reasons it’s Time to See a Doctor For Your Sinus Infection

doctor for sinus infection

Knowing when to see a doctor for sinus infection is unclear if you always seem to have troubles with your sinuses.  If you know what signs to watch out for though, you’ll notice them without even trying.

1.  Time is of the essence

Sinus infections can overstay their welcome, that’s no secret.  Did you know that there’s actually a thin line that separates an acute infection from a chronic one?  It’s actually not that thin but in the midst of it all, you may not notice crossing it.

Once your sinusitis has either gone on longer than 8 weeks or seems to come back with a vengeance, then it may have graduated to chronic status.  Unless you enjoy feeling like you’re underwater for most of your year, see a doctor.

2.  Things couldn’t possibly get worse

Oh but they can.  Having sinus infections means getting to know them pretty well.  If you suddenly notice an additional symptom that wasn’t there, things may have taken a turn for the worse.

This can be anything, but anything on top of your typical sinus problems is bad news.  New pain, different coloured discharge, and even suddenly bad breath can signify an exacerbation.

3.  It can’t be stopped!

If you’ve thrown everything but the kitchen sink at your sinuses (note: do not throw things at your sinuses) and it’s all been for naught, your sinus infection may be too tough for sprays or antibiotics.

Doctors will typically expend all alternatives before resorting to surgery.  This is a good thing because some people respond well to medicine.  For those of us who don’t, ear, nose and throat doctors are a solid last line of defense.

4.  We live in dark times

One of the biggest signs you should get your sinus infection looked at is if it begins to change your life.  This means that both your work life and personal time aren’t about you anymore, they’re about your sinuses.

Thousands of people a month are thrown off their routine by raging sinuses.  If you want the easy way out, you can disregard it as just another slump but the truth will catch up to you.  Not dealing with your sinuses can help the problem become chronic and there aren’t enough sick days in the world to salvage your job from chronic sinusitis.

5.  Taking it to the big leagues

Does your regular doctor look a little panicked?  Out of their depth?  It could be time to see an Otolaryngologist or ENT.  Ear, nose, and throat doctors are not only wise in the ways of the sinus, they’re all capable of administering some pretty hard core treatments sure to make a difference.

At Houston Sinus & Allergy, we see a variety of nasal and sinus issues that result in a loss of smell, as well as other stressful or painful situations, and we know how to provide long term relief.  If you’re experiencing difficulty in smelling or nasal breathing, Book an assessment with us, and let us help you breathe normally again.

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