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5 Tips You Need To Know About Buying a CPAP Machine

CPAP-machineA CPAP machine uses mild air pressure to keep an airway open and is normally used by people who have breathing problems. In order to purchase the ideal machine, it is important to understand that they are not all the same. Here are some CPAP machine tips to help you.

  • Know the quality CPAP machines.
  • Inspect the machine.
  • Know the comfort levels of the machine.
  • The brands available in the market.
  • The price of different CPAP machines.

Knowing the Best Quality CPAP Machine

Generally, to identify a quality CPAP machine, there are several features that you need to check.. The features of a good CPAP machine are as follows:

Ramp — Increases air pressure at a slow rate till it reaches the prescribed value. Initially, breathing is not always easy using a CPAP machine and the pattern of breathing may take time to adjust. The ramp makes it easier for the user to get used to the machine.

Leak compensation – No matter how good a breathing mask is, there is always minor air leakage. Leak compensation facility ensures that pressure levels remain constant in the presence of the minor leaks. This helps to maintain the prescribed air pressure setting.

Data recording – CPAP machines have a data recording facility that allows the user to know if there was air leakage in the mask during usage. The recording device also shows previous abnormal breathing events.

Mask alert – This is a facility that beeps continuously when the mask is displaced from its position. During sleep, people tend to turn and this can tilt the mask but with the mask alert, the user can know when this happens and thus reposition the mask.

Inspecting a CPAP Machine

Before you buy a CPAP machine, ensure you have scrutinized it to ensure it is devoid of malfunctions. Follow the guidelines below:

  • Check if the machine has a twenty four hour working Ionization Air Purifier Containment. This ensures healthy air circulation.
  • Do a CPAP Therapy Blower Test.
  • Check the Manometer Calibration. This is the facility that establishes accurate pressure settings.
  • Check if the machine has a Data Card. This card keeps a record of how the CPAP machine is operating for purposes of monitoring.
  • Ensure the machine has user manuals.

Ensuring Comfort

When using a CPAP machine, adjust the straps and pads in order to get a better fit. Choose the right size and practice using it. That way, you’ll get used to sleeping with a CPAP machine.

CPAP Brands

Some of the most common CPAP brands available in the market include:

The Price of a CPAP Machine

Different stores have different prices for CPAP machines. Actually, some insurance plans pay up to eighty percent of the cost of the machine. If you do not have an insurance plan that pays for it, you can get a better deal online. There you have it, everything you need to know about buying CPAP machines. Since you can’t buy the machine without a prescription from a doctor, you should first see a sinus doctor who will diagnose your problem.


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