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How Would Winter Season Affect My Sinus Problems?

woman blowing noseThe holidays are stressful enough as it is but if you’re prone to having sinus infections you may have one extra worry on your mind.  As the seasons change so can the state of your sinuses.

Winter has a tendency to go hand in hand with sickness and so it’s understandable if you’re afraid of your sinuses acting up.  Luckily, there’s a lot you can do to avoid being snowed in with your sinus problems.  It’s as simple as a little preparation.

Your Sinuses and the Cold

Preparing yourself against sinus problems is a lot easier if you understand how they develop in the first place.  Surprisingly, it isn’t the cold that causes them.

We change our habits during the winter season and although this doesn’t aggravate our sinuses on its own, it creates the conditions for something to develop.  The main reason is because you’re indoors.

Being inside traps you with all sorts of allergens, mold, humidity and people.  Yes, people are a huge reason your sinuses can become a problem.  It can all start with a simple cold or flu.

Once your body is weakened from what should be a few days of feeling under the weather, a secondary infection can form.  The protective linings of your sinuses thin out and the backed up mucous becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, infecting your sinuses.

It isn’t just your physical surroundings that can contribute to your sinus condition; it’s what you do.

Too Much of a Good Thing

Most people usually watch what they eat or drink in the winter because of dietary or physical goals.  There’s another reason you should practice moderation – your sinuses.  Below is a list of things that can affect your sinuses during the winter that you may not know about:

  • Food:  Most ‘winter’ foods and snacks are loaded with potential allergens like nuts and dairy.  If your immune system is compromised your sinuses become vulnerable.
  • Alcohol:  Alcohol swells the tissues inside your nose causing congestion, headaches and increasing the chances of infection.
  • Decorations & Trees:  Keeping your holiday decorations stored away for a year can produce mold and natural trees often have mold growth on them too.
  • Pets & People:  Winter parties are a plenty but so are chances to catch a minor bug that can turn major.  Make sure to stay home when sick and clean up after pets – their dander can bring on allergies and cause irritation.

Warm Heart

By thinking ahead and making a few simple preparations, you can avoid the weather getting you down this winter.  Remember to control the humidity in your home and monitor the things and people around you.

There’s no reason you should be afraid of your sinuses acting up during the winter.  Your doctor and medications can help treat sinus infections if you get to that point and at the end of the day, you’re in control – even though it might not feel that way!

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