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Tired of Winter Allergies? Here are 4 Simple Tips to Fight It

winter allergyThe winter can be pretty rough if you’re used to allergies messing things up.  The whole ordeal is the exact opposite of what we need in the middle of holidays, bad weather and all kinds of stress.

Part and parcel of having allergies is learning to cope with them.  During the winter, that may be something you just can’t afford to do.  Follow these 4 easy tips to fight your winter allergy.

 #1:  Know Thyself

Probably the simplest solution and least expensive one is as simple as knowing what makes your allergies worse.  Get to a doctor and do a skin test if you’re not sure.

Once you are, keep the following heavy hitting allergy triggers in mind and do your best to avoid them:

  • Mold and Dust – Poor air circulation at home, decorations and Christmas trees, and humidity can all cause mold and dust.  Make sure to put your humidifier and air filters to use and store your decorations well.  If you buy a natural tree, give it a good wash.
  • Foods – Holiday foods are notorious for being tasty and hard to put down.  Everything from drinks to pastries also happen to be made using allergens like dairy and nuts.  Watch what you eat and don’t overdo it.
  • Take it easy – Partying hard will take its toll.  Alcohol, poor sleep and stress compromise your immune system.  Going overboard will just make your allergies worse.

#2:  Medication

Your immunologist or Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Doctor can prescribe you plenty of medications.  The trick is going in to see one. 

Antihistamines and nasal decongestants are the backbone of your defense against allergies.  They’re time tested and work.  If you’re feeling up for a little more work you can also try nasal irrigation.  This will keep your sinuses open and free to breathe.

#3:  Turbinate Reduction

People with allergies all too often accept them as a part of life.  This is not true in many cases and if your ENT sees the signs, your turbinates may be to blame.

These spongy bones in your nasal passage can get enlarged and interfere with regular breathing and a simple reduction could improve your situation drastically.

There are 3 procedures and some are over in minutes without any incisions being made.  Even if you doubt this is making things worse, ruling it off the list of possibilities is worth it.

#4:  Immunology Treatments

Possibly the best and most effective treatment is to see your ENT about immunotherapy.  Coming in the form of either shots or sublingual solutions, this method of treating your allergies works off of the principle of exposing you slightly and slowly to what your body hates.

If it sounds uncomfortable, don’t worry – it isn’t.  The amount of allergen is miniscule and the increase is gradual.  Before you know it, your body will be immune and allergies a thing of the past – winter or otherwise!

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