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Want to Control Your Allergies This Holiday? Check Out These Amazing Tips

holiday allergyOne thing some of us are sure to get during the holidays is a nice bout of allergies. Like other seasonal flare ups, most of us simply cope and make the best of it.

You don’t have to put up with your allergies or even treat the symptoms as they come though. It isn’t just the time of year, it’s the holidays themselves that are causing your sudden reactions. Read on to find out how to be in control of your allergies this holiday season.

Sneezings Greetings – The Cause

Your allergies may seem random but there’s less chance involved than you think. It isn’t really the time of year as much as what we do during that time.

Holidays make us eat recklessly. The food is extravagant and far outside our usual diet. That’s not all: The assorted cakes, drinks and pastries are likely to contain high amounts of allergens like nuts and dairy.

While you’re stuffing your face with these treats, there’s no doubt you’re trying to stay warm. Sounds good, right? It is, but the close quarters are perfect for mold and dust spreading. The lack of ventilation also means humidity is in constant flux too. Even the ornaments you pull out of storage can aggravate your allergies.

Luckily, you can do plenty to mitigate the terrible conditions.

Fortifying – Taking Precautions

Your environment is the first thing you should look at if you want to make your home an allergy-free zone during the holidays. Keeping some of the reasons discussed above in mind, there’s plenty you can do:

Be a picky eater – Knowing what foods you’re allergic to is half the battle. It’s hard to exercise self-control around snacks but by being extra careful and open with what you’re allergic to, you can indulge a little without suffering.

Be careful with your decorations – Take steps to make sure you store your ornaments and decorations in sealed, dry places to avoid mold or dust forming. If you have a real tree, make sure to wash it down as it can bring in allergens too and always remember to wipe down things fresh out of storage.

Manage the quality of your air – Being cooped up will seal in all the allergens with you and the warmth doesn’t help. Try to reach an equilibrium when it comes to temperature and make sure to change any dust filters.

Bring Backup

Even a ton of precautions might not completely do the job. Having medications like antihistamines, nasal sprays and inhalers, decongestants and anything prescribed will really ensure you don’t spend too much time sidelined during festivities.

If your allergies are worse than usual make sure to visit your doctor. There might be a sinus condition or other underlying issue and it doesn’t hurt to be careful. This kind of fun only comes around once a year, after all.

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