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Why Do Your Allergies Get Worse During the Holidays? 

holiday allergy1When you’ve got allergies the changing of seasons doesn’t just mean changing your wardrobe.  For many, there seems to be an inexplicable increase in the severity of allergies around the holidays.

Just because you’re used to your allergies doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try and figure out why they’re happening.  It isn’t just fate being cruel when your seasonal allergies get worse around the holidays and you may be inadvertently contributing to it.

If knowing is half the battle then it’s clearly worth uncovering why your allergies intensify around this time of year.

Getting Cozy- Your Environment

Ever since we were young we’ve known that not bundling up during the winter means we’re going to get sick.  Like most things, when we grow up we find out that the truth behind this is a bit more complicated.

Staying inside with the heater on seals in allergens.  Humidity becomes a huge issue and before you know it your trapped with all the things that make you stuffy, sneezy and miserable.  While the cold is definitely a bad thing so is a lack of airflow and stagnant air.

Make sure to always keep an eye on your vents and humidity.  It’s up to you to manage the air during this time of year.

Being Festive

The holidays mean spreading cheer and celebrating.  Tons of decorations and ornaments come out of storage.  The problem with this is that they can potentially bring some contaminants into your house.

The Christmas tree is a perfect example.  A real tree should always be washed because of the mold or mildew it can drag into the house.  Any ornaments or even synthetic trees should be stored sensibly.  An entire year in the wrong conditions is the perfect recipe for allergies.

Feasting and Fussing

Speaking of recipes, food is another big reason you may be feeling terrible during the holidays.  We’re not even talking about overeating.  Most holiday foods are delicious, eclectic mixes we don’t see during the rest of the year.  The problem is that the ingredients are usually highly allergic to people with sensitivities.

All the cakes, pies and drinks contain tons of nuts and dairy and it’s up to you to both watch and avoid certain kinds of snacks.  Stress can make your allergies much worse and the unique brand of holiday headache that comes around doesn’t help you fight off irritants.  Try your best to relax.  Remember, it’s the holidays!

By being careful and minding your environment you can stay warm, cozy and not have to worry about being a mess.  It isn’t fair that you have to be extra careful with what you eat or how clean you keep the house but you’ve got other tools at your disposal.

Remember all the antihistamines and decongestants that help you feel better and if you need to, see a professional.  There’s no reason why you have to suffer during the most festive time of year.

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