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Will I Still Have Sinus Infection During Winter?

sinus infectionThe change of seasons does a lot of weird things to our body.  The decreased daylight, plummeting mercury and move indoors seem to go hand in hand with getting sick.  What does that mean if you get sinus infections?

You’d be surprised to find out that it’s less about the weather and more about your habits.  Read on to find out if your sinus infections are going to get worse in the winter.

How it Happens

It’s all about bacteria.

Everyone has bacteria living in their nose and throat.  It’s when an upper respiratory infection (common during the winter) takes hold that your sinuses become obstructed.  The lack of drainage and sticky environment inside your sinuses becomes the perfect place for a secondary infection to develop.

Your immune system is busy fighting the first infection and as a result the second one turns into a full on bout of sinusitis.  The result is the usual slew of headaches, facial pressure, fever, congestion and even tooth aches.

Can the winter somehow make this happen more often?  Not directly.

Why it Happens

At the outset we mentioned this has more to do with you.  It isn’t because you love getting sick, it’s just your natural reaction to the winter.

Cold air messes with your mucous membranes.  It decreases moisture and thins the protecting layer in your membrane, leaving it vulnerable to infection.

There’s no doubt you should avoid the cold but being cooped up seals you inside a warm environment – and anything else that’s in there with you.

If you’re around people who are sick then the close quarters only serve to speed along the process.  It isn’t just at home either – workplaces, schools and small venues are perfect for person-to-person transmission.

Life can’t grind to a halt because you fear getting a sinus infection.  Carrying on as usual is as simple as practicing good habits you’re probably very familiar with.

Playing it Safe

Ever since you were little you’ve heard the same tips repeated over and over by doctors.  The reason why is because they work!

You can’t make yourself immune to infections but you can do the following to protect yourself:

  1. Stay home! – Workaholic or not, the second you’re sick you need to stay home.  A weakened immune system can open the door to another infection.
  2. Focus on health – Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and clean foods.  These all strengthen your immune system.  Drinking lots of water and getting adequate sleep will ensure your body stays strong.
  3. Mind your hands – Just because you’re being safe doesn’t mean others will.  Wash your hands constantly and avoid touching your face.
  4. If you get sick, fall back on time tested solutions like decongestants, nasal sprays or irrigation and anything prescribed.

Don’t hesitate to see a professional either, one sinus infection can set off a chain of other ones.  Remember, winter doesn’t cause sinus infections – carelessness and bacteria do.

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