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Are My Allergy Treatments a Waste of Money?

treat my allergies

Being at the mercy of allergy meds can be exhausting but if you knew you could treat your allergies more effectively, would you?  There’s no reason you have to sit and deal with your allergies burning a hole in your wallet.

Finding inefficiencies

Despite what you may be doing to cope with your allergies, they tend to always come out on top.  So what could be going wrong?

There could be a number of factors, actually.  The first could be your seriousness.  No, seriously.  Think of your body as ‘build up’ defenses against your allergies.  If your adherence is sporadic, you won’t be strong enough to fight off allergies.

Additionally, if you know you’re allergic to something, staying around it constantly won’t help with the inflammation or the effect of the meds.

The next possible factor could be the medicine itself.  If your doctor hasn’t analyzed your entire medical history, they might not see your symptoms in the right context.  For all you know, a medicine you’re taking is weakening you or you might not even have allergies!

So how do you go about making sure you’re properly diagnosed?  Find an expert, naturally.

An ENT Doctor Can Help

If your medicines aren’t cutting it and you’re stumped, you should find an ear, nose and throat doctor.  These specialists have the experience and knowledge to look at your allergies much better than a general practitioner would.

They can help in a variety of ways:

  • Proper diagnosis – ENTs can perform an array of tests on your body to determine what you’re allergic to.
  • Proper protocols – Are you taking your medicine when you’re supposed to?  Using the steroid spray the right way?  Has there been enough time to see a change?  An ENT can go over what’s already been done and confirm whether or not it was done right.
  • Surgeries – Your allergy symptoms may be mistaken for something else.  In some cases, a sinus surgery can actually resolve what’s got you feeling constantly sick.  ENTs are qualified surgeons who can handle pretty much anything from the neck up.

If you want to do something, anything, to improve your allergy situation than seeing an expert is a solid start.  What’s the best way to make it happen though?

Ready to Get Relief from Allergies?

Booking an assessment with an ENT is the first and most important step.  They can take it from there and make sure you don’t stay at the mercy of your allergies.  There are some pretty good and definitive treatments out there that can really put the nail in your allergy coffin.

If you’re experiencing any symptoms from allergies, let us help you find relief.  You can either book an assessment or contact us today!


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