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Bad Advice About Allergies You Need to Ignore

allergy advice

Sometimes, even with the best intentions, friends, family, and coworkers can offer you health advice that is detrimental to your well-being. This misinformation can lead to very big issues since allergies essentially cause the body to treat the allergen as a foreign invader.

This causes the body to use all of its resources to fight off the allergen, sometimes at the risk of fighting other foreign bodies like viruses and infections. Here are some common myths perpetuated about allergies. 

“Food Sensitivities Are Trendy Diet Fixes, Not A REAL Allergy”

Those with food sensitivities like Lactose Intolerance, Crone’s, and Celiac Disease definitely cannot handle the allergens presented with their respective afflictions. For persons intolerant to dairy, wheat, or gluten, most would rather eat these foods without being concerned about the numerous symptoms and health issues that come as a consequence for failing to adhere to their restrictive diet.

The result of eating these foods may cause “a range of symptoms, including nausea and vomiting, stomachache, bloating, gas, indigestion or headache [and] If symptoms appear suddenly or involve difficulty breathing or swallowing or you have other symptoms in conjunction with these, such as chronic fatigue, fevers, night sweats or bloody stools, it is important to seek medical help to rule out a potentially serious condition, ” according to SFGate.

“Eating Only Organic Food Will Get Rid of Food Allergies”

While many might be progressive proponents of organic foods, this untruth can potentially harm those with food-specific allergies. In fact, How Stuff Works states that “some of the most allergenic foods are “natural,” unprocessed foods: cow’s milk, eggs, peanuts, wheat, soybeans, fish and shellfish and tree nuts. Combined, these foods account for up to 90 percent of all allergic reactions. Allergies are caused not by chemicals related to growing the food, but by proteins in the food.”

“Allergy Shots Don’t Work, They’re Just A Waste of Time and Money”

Wrong again! Immunotherapy has been proven effective for pollen, dander, mold, dust mites, and insect venom. According to WebMD, the progressive treatment works by getting the body “used to allergens, the things that trigger an allergic reaction. They don’t cure allergies, but eventually your symptoms will get better and you may not have allergic reactions as often.”

While you may trust the advice of your peers for a number of different subjects, you should always consult a licensed health professional to address any concerns you may have with your health to get the right facts, and treatments.

Looking for a Long Term Solution to Allergies?

While there are plenty of ways to temporarily relieve the effects of allergies, the symptoms will typically return.  At Houston Sinus & Allergy, we help patients to meet their allergies head on with more permanent solutions, such as immunology.

Learn more about our allergy treatments, including our allergy testing, and start breathing properly again!

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