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Beware of These Allergens This Winter

winter allergens

Unlike animals, allergens don’t hibernate in the winter. In fact, some winter allergens can be even worse than their summer counterparts because people spend more time indoors with the heating on.

Read on to learn which allergens you need to watch out for this winter and what you can do to minimize your exposure to them.

Pet Dander

In the cold temperatures, Fido and Fluffy spend more time indoors. And that means that their dander (the tiny bits of skin that come off furry animals when they shed) will be inside, too.

What can you do about this type of allergen? Short of getting rid of your pet, which many people don’t want to do, make every effort to keep your animals off of furniture and clean often so dust and dander don’t accumulate.


Mold is a type of fungus. They can grow and thrive indoors and outside. They can cause some people to sneeze and cough, and sometimes they’re responsible for skin irritation.

Where does mold grow best? It flourishes in damp, warm environments. So, the inside of your home during winter is an excellent growing environment for it. That doesn’t mean that you have to be exposed to mold. There are steps you can take to eliminate your exposure to this allergen.

As with pet dander, cleaning frequently is a good way to eliminate mold. A dehumidifier reduces the amount of moisture in your home, which makes it a less hospitable environment for mold.


This allergen isn’t an issue when you’re in a cold climate. But let’s say you’re planning a getaway this winter to someplace warm… someplace where the pollen hasn’t been kept in check by low temperatures or frost.

While it might be too late to change your travel plans, it’s not too late to consult with your doctor about the steps you can take to make sure your vacation isn’t ruined by your allergies.

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