• Will My Allergies Go Away With Age?

    Understanding Allergies Whether it is you who suffers, a relative, or one of your friends, allergies are very commonplace and a regular occurrence for many people of all ages.  It may be a food allergy, seasonal allergies associated with pollen and plant matter, or an allergy to household substances such as dust mites and mold. […]


    Published on: August 15, 2018         Published by: Admin

  • How Can I Build My Immune System to Fight Allergies?

    Understanding the Immune System The immune system is the body’s natural, built-in defense system. It is made up of several specialized cells which circulate throughout the body, monitoring for foreign invaders, unwanted bacteria, or early indicators of infection. Each of these cells has a specific job – some are used to initiate the inflammatory response, […]


    Published on: August 2, 2018         Published by: Admin

  • How Hurricane Harvey Caused a Long-Term Sinus Problem

    When Hurricane Harvey ravaged through Houston, most people were worried about the flood damage and the impact sustained by falling trees, damaged housing and crushed infrastructure.  And while these are all valid issues to be concerned about, even more fundamental and in need of consideration is how Hurricane Harvey impacted our health. More specifically, how […]


    Published on: May 18, 2018         Published by: Admin

  • Why Dr. Nguyen Is The Best Choice For Your Allergy Suffering

    If you are one of the 35 million Americans who suffer from nasal and sinus-related allergies, you know that the ongoing issue of allergies and allergy symptoms can be exhausting – both physically and mentally. You have tried your fair share of home remedies, over the counter medications, and allergy medications off the shelf, and […]


    Published on: April 2, 2018         Published by: Admin

  • How do I Know When to See a Doctor for a Sinus Infection?

    You have been battling sinus discomfort for the last several days. And while it isn’t unusual for you at this time of year, this time it seems that the symptoms are lingering for longer and don’t really seem to be getting any better. You don’t want to go to the doctor, but with each passing […]


    Published on: March 15, 2018         Published by: Admin

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