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Can’t Stop Sneezing? Get A Cure for Your Allergy ASAP

allergy-treatmentA sneeze can be caused by a number of things, such as germs, chemical pollutants or allergens in the air. Most sneezes begin the same way. First, a person’s nose itches, eyes narrow and soon thereafter, the body is gripped in a sudden, sometimes violent sneeze. If you are lucky, that is the end of it and you can continue with your day. Other times, the first sneeze is the sign of an allergic reaction and that can mean more misery to come. Here is more information about sneezing, allergies, and your options for allergy treatment in Houston.

Sneezing and Allergies

Allergy symptoms occur when the body releases histamine due to encountering allergens. Histamine causes a quick inflammatory response, which, in the case of respiratory allergens such as pollens, pet dander and dust, make the nasal passages itch, create more mucus and triggers sneezing. Sneezing is uncomfortable, but the body’s intention is not to create discomfort but to expel foreign substances that could cause illness. When an allergen enters your nose, your body reacts to the foreign invasion quickly and tries to force it out.

Complications of Excessive Sneezing

The forcefulness of a sneeze can cause other physical problems, especially when sneezing is excessive. During sneezing, pressure in the abdominal cavity, chest cavity and nasal cavity increases suddenly. In addition, muscle groups tighten reflexively and this along with the increase in internal pressure can leave you with a sore rib cage, sore stomach muscles, or headache. Some people also experience back or shoulder spasms after sneezing episodes.

Other complications that might occur include hernias, inner ear problems, and broken blood vessels in your eyes. Because of the increased pressure in the eyes during a sneeze, glaucoma patients are extra susceptible to eye damage.

Curing Your Sneezing

To cure excessive sneezing caused by allergies, you must treat the source. This means learning more about your allergies so you can receive the appropriate allergy treatment. When you visit us for allergy treatment in Houston we can determine whether you require antihistamines, other oral medications, or allergy shots.

Are Allergies Affecting Your Quality of Life?

Any allergy sufferer will agree that life would be easier without the physical symptoms.  Whether it’s just the sneezing, or itchy eyes, or headaches, or all of the symptoms combined, allergies can affect all aspects of life:  work, play, school, or home. Luckily, we can help. If you’re experiencing any symptoms from allergies, let us help you find relief.  You can either book an assessment or contact us today!


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