• Sinusitis Balloon Dilation [Infographic]

    Did you know that sinusitis can be helped with a simple in-office procedure? Check out our infographic below to learn about a procedure called “Sinusitis Balloon Dilation” or “Balloon Sinuplasty“. If you have any of the symptoms listed in this infographic, Balloon Sinuplasty might be right for you. Sinusitis Balloon Dilation


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  • The Rise of Allergies in America (Allergy Statistics Infographic)

    Have you noticed that more and more people have allergies nowadays?┬áIt’s not just a coincidence: allergies are increasingly common in America, and are the 5th most prominent chronic disease. Did you know that most Americans test positive to at least one allergen? Read more of these shocking statistics in our infographic “The Rise of Allergies […]


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