Sinus headaches

  • Is it Sinusitis or Allergies?

    The distinctions between the two The two types can happen due to your response to specific things like dust, residue, pollen, or pet dander.  These two conditions have various causes and manifestations. Both conditions can cause nasal irritation, alongside related manifestations, like clog and stodgy nose. Both have similar symptoms and easy to confuse the […]


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    Is it Sinusitis or Allergies?

  • Can Sinus Infection Cause Teeth Pain?

    If your teeth ache, you probably call your dentist for an appointment. You naturally assume that pain is the result of a cavity or other dental issue. But it could be that the pain is not triggered by a dental problem. Instead, your sinuses could be the culprit, especially if the pain is localized to […]


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  • How Sinus Infections Cause Nausea and Dizziness

    If you’ve felt acute pain and pressure behind your cheeks and forehead, chances are you’ve had a sinus infection. You might have also experienced other symptoms that didn’t seem related to your sinuses, such as dizziness or nausea. Are those symptoms linked? Read on to find out more about your sinuses, what can cause an […]


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  • The Link Between Sinus Headaches and Pregnancy

    You’re bloated, you’re nauseous, and what’s worse, you feel as though a killer sinus headache is coming on. You’ve got sinusitis, and you’re pregnant. Now is the worst time to get sick, you think. While sinusitis is no fun, it’s not an uncommon situation for many pregnant women. Read on to learn what the link […]


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