Sinus headaches

  • Can Sinus Infection Cause Teeth Pain?

    If your teeth ache, you probably call your dentist for an appointment. You naturally assume that pain is the result of a cavity or other dental issue. But it could be that the pain is not triggered by a dental problem. Instead, your sinuses could be the culprit, especially if the pain is localized to […]


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  • The Link Between Sinus Headaches and Pregnancy

    You’re bloated, you’re nauseous, and what’s worse, you feel as though a killer sinus headache is coming on. You’ve got sinusitis, and you’re pregnant. Now is the worst time to get sick, you think. While sinusitis is no fun, it’s not an uncommon situation for many pregnant women. Read on to learn what the link […]


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  • Did Your Child Get a Sinus Infection From School?

    School tends to be a breeding ground for infections, particularly during cold, flu and allergy seasons. Sometimes it is difficult to diagnose what ails your child due to shared symptoms among the conditions. If your child appears to be dealing with breathing issues or seems to be enduring frequent head-colds, you should find the root […]


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  • You May Be Treating Your Sinus Headache All Wrong

    One of the most frequently misdiagnosed conditions is the sinus headache, which tends to be blamed for any pain that seems to originate in the area behind your eyes and nose. This area of the body tends to be one of the more complicated ones to diagnose because of the specialized function of the nasal passageways and […]


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