• The Sleep Apnea Side Effects, No one Tells You About

    Are you or your partner plagued by snoring? Do you toss and turn throughout the night? Wake up feeling drained? It could be that you suffer from sleep apnea. This condition often goes undiagnosed because many sleep apnea side effects can be attributed to other conditions, which means these side effects tend not to be […]


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  • Is Your Child Snoring a Sign of a Bigger Problem?

    Every parent knows the sense of reassurance and relief from walking past your child’s room and hearing him or her snore. It’s a sign that your son or daughter is sleeping deeply and peacefully (and hopefully for the entire night). However, it could also be an indication that your child has a breathing problem. Read […]


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  • 4 Reasons Why Snoring Isn’t Just Annoying — It’s Dangerous!

    Snoring is one of the most annoying sounds for people to attempt to sleep through. This overshadows the fact that snoring isn’t taken as a sign of potentially serious health issues. From your heart to your stomach, snoring can be the catalyst for problems like thick arteries and irregular heart beats. Danger Due To Drowsiness […]


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  • What’s Worse? Grinding Your Teeth or Sleep Apnea

    Sleep disorders have been increasingly highlighted as doctors and researchers stress the importance of getting a good night sleep. One sign of a sleep disorder may be grinding your teeth while you slumber, which can result in a variety of difficulties and signal the existence of a sleep disorder such as sleep apnea. Neither condition […]


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