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Causes, Treatment & Prevention of Dry Ears

Causes, Treatment & Prevent of Dry Ears

Dry ears is an issue that many people face all over the world, and while it isn’t life-threatening, it can cause complications to arise. Dry ears typically present themselves in two ways; dry skin flakes on the inside of the auditory canal, and/or an uncomfortable itchy sensation.

Factors That May be Causing you to Experience Dry Ears


An individual’s environment can be the cause of their dry ears syndrome. Environment comes into play when subjecting an individual to temperature change. Extreme changes in weather can cause one’s ears to dry out, creating flakes and itchiness to ensue.

Allergic Reactions

Another cause of this bothersome condition is an allergic reaction. A person’s ears can dry out due to harsh topical creams, perfumes with strong alcohol properties, and scented soaps. Individuals who are allergic to certain metals and have begun wearing new earrings can also be at risk.

Sun Exposure

Intense sun exposure can lead to dehydration and sunburns, which can also lead to one encountering dry ears.

Chronic Skin Conditions

An individual who suffers from skin conditions is also at risk of contracting dry ears, as their skin can have issues retaining moisture. Skin conditions like seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis, can target the scalp and ears of an individual.

Lack of Ear Wax

Ear wax is made to coat the inner ear as a cleansing mechanism. It’s antibacterial and anti-fungal properties help keep ears hydrated and problem-free. While too much ear wax can cause a variety of issues, lacking this substance can lead to dry ears.

How Dry Ears Can Impact an Individual’s Everyday Life

Having dry ears can be an embarrassing ordeal, especially when an ear emanates a visible amount of dead skin flakes. This irritating condition can make it difficult for one to stay focused throughout their daily tasks, and nearly impossible to get a good night’s sleep.

How Dry Ears Can Impact Your Health

Since dry ears can cause extreme itchiness, those affected by this condition can damage their inner ear by disturbing the flakes, causing an ear infection to arise. When left untreated, dry ears can lead to crusting, extreme pain, and pus secretions.

How to Render Dry Ears Obsolete

Typically, a change in an individual’s lifestyle can help put an end to the pesky issues dry ears bring forth. Finding an over-the-counter ear cream that helps combat one’s lack of moisture can do the trick. However, if the issue is related to evasive hygiene products, changing one’s soap, shampoo, or facial cream can also be beneficial. Additionally, refraining from overly cleaning one’s ear canals with Q-Tips may help if a lack of ear wax is causing the issue to arise. If all of these methods were put into practice, but to no avail, one’s dry ear condition may be caused by extreme climate conditions. Abstaining from taking hot baths and showers, or lowering the volume of air conditioning present in a household may help stabilize their condition.

What to do if the Issue Persists

If dry ears turn from uncomfortable to painful, it is crucial to make an appointment with a doctor. This is to avoid further ear infections or complications that may arise.

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