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Convincing Someone Stubborn Their Cold is Something Serious

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We all know someone who takes stubbornness to a whole new level. He or she could never be wrong… especially when it comes to being sick. “It’s just a cold!” they say, while loudly coughing. So, how do you persuade someone that it’s maybe more than just a cold? Read on to learn the signs of a more serious condition.

How High Is Your Fever?

It’s not uncommon for someone with a cold to have a fever. However, the severity of a fever determines how sick you are.

Some colds come with a low grade fever, which is above 98.6 degrees but below 102 degrees. If the fever is between 102 and 104,  then that suggests something more serious is taking place.

The stubborn person in your life might say fevers are the body’s way of healing itself. You can counter that argument by explaining how high fevers can actually kill people if left untreated.

It’s Not a Cold Anymore…

Maybe it started off as a cold. There was sneezing, coughing, a sore throat, a runny nose… but that was a few weeks ago.

A cold doesn’t last for weeks on end. If you know someone who claims, “It’s just a cold,” but he or she has been coughing for more than 10 days, wheezing, or experiencing chest pain, then that’s most likely bronchitis, which is an inflammation of the bronchial tubes. It can develop as a result of a cold.

Leaving bronchitis untreated is a bad idea. Your lungs have to work harder, which places strain on your heart.

…Or It Was Never a Cold at All

There’s one thing a cold and a flu have in common: they’re both caused by viruses. They also have similar symptoms. However, the similarities end there. A different group of viruses causes the flu. Furthermore, the symptoms of a flu set in faster. The flu lasts longer, and it’s more severe than a cold.

The flu can also lead to serious complications. It can develop into bronchitis or pneumonia. And if you have a pre-existing condition such as COPD or diabetes, then the flu can make it worse. Pregnant women can go into labor prematurely if they have the flu. All of those are good points to make if you’re pretty sure the stubborn person in your life has the flu rather than a common cold.

The Symptoms Don’t Match Those of a Cold

That stubborn someone in your life might believe he or she only has a cold because of being unfamiliar with what the symptoms mean.

Let’s take pneumonia for example. Colds generally don’t cause fevers. Pneumonia, on the other hand, does. Pneumonia-related fevers can be low or high. They can also be persistent without treatment, or keep on coming and going.

And while colds produce coughs, the coughs due to pneumonia are different. Those kinds of coughs are persistent, worsening over time, and can be tinged with blood if you’ve got bacterial pneumonia.

Turn to a Sinus and Allergy Expert for Relief from Illness

Don’t be stubborn – seek treatment for your sinus and allergy-related symptoms. An experienced sinus and allergy specialist can help you feel better and help you go back to being active and healthy.

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