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Could Having a Sinus Infection While Pregnant Affect Your Baby?

As a mother, one of the most nerve-wracking experiences during pregnancy is getting sick. Even though many diseases don’t transfer from mother to developing fetus due to the protective barrier provided by the placenta, as a mother-to-be, you want to make sure that any health issues don’t transfer from you to your child.

Sinusitis is one of the more uncomfortable conditions that may occur during pregnancy, involving severe swelling of nasal tissues and sinus cavities. This condition is particularly worrisome to pass along to your unborn child, considering its proximity to the brain and facial features.

Will Sinus Problems Pass Down to Your Child?

Thankfully, sinusitis and other infections do not just simply transfer to your child when you become infected with the disease. For many illnesses and simple infections, your child is protected from dealing with the issue on her own. The both of you share an immune system that prevents diseases from overrunning your body while the placenta filters many of the toxic products that your body produces while fighting the disease.

Do I Get Sinus Infections More Often While Pregnant?

Your body, when becoming pregnant, ends up going through a wide variety of changes, including a slightly suppressed immune system. This prevents your body from rejecting the fetus as an invader that causes illness.

The skin inside nasal passages becomes thinner when pregnant, reducing the ability to prevent infections and illnesses in that area of the body. As a result, pregnant women are a bit more susceptible to respiratory illnesses, in particular sinus infections such as sinusitis.

Do I Have Sinusitis or Another Condition?

The best way to discover if your sinus irritation is sinusitis or sensitivity caused by pregnancy is to visit a doctor or a facility such as the Houston Sinus & Allergy clinic. In particular, if you notice green or other bright colors in your mucus or facial swelling, it’s time to visit a doctor. Figuring out the exact problem you’re dealing with helps put your mind at ease while taking better care of your health.

The only effects that a child endures due to a mother’s sinusitis revolves around the additional stress that the mother deals with in fighting off the disease. There are no direct consequences, only problems that occur if you don’t take care of yourself.

In the end, it’s best to do what it takes to boost your immune system while pregnant. A boosted immune system helps you reduce the discomfort of being pregnant by enabling you to fight off illnesses. Maintaining your immune system also confers the same benefits onto your child, which gives her a head start in dealing with the many challenges that she will face when she enters this world.

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Not only can they help resolve the current one, they can diagnose any conditions your child may have that will cause more in the future.

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