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Did You Know Allergies Might be The Cause of Those Dark Circles Under Your Eyes?

Allergy-treatment-in-HoustonDark circles under the eyes have long been attributed to a lack of sleep. While that is certainly a leading cause of the circles forming below the eye, lack of sleep isn’t always the only cause.

Common Allergies Leading to Dark Circles

Common allergies are often grouped into three categories. Allergens in each of these categories can cause dark circles to form under the eyes.

  1. Seasonal Allergies: For many, allergy symptoms seem to arise with the change of each season. Hay fever, for example, affects many individuals. Sneezing, congestion, and dark circles will often strike at the same time. The circles are caused by swollen blood vessels which affect the delicate skin under the eye.
  2. Environmental Allergies: Environmental allergens can include everything from pet dander to mold to household cleaners. Dark circles come with exposure to these allergens for two main reasons. The first is congestion. As the area around the nose is congested, it causes blood vessels around the nose and eyes to become swollen, affecting the skin under the eyes and causing a discoloration. Those with allergies also often struggle with a lack of sleep which also causes dark circles to form.
  3. Food Allergies: Over 140 foods have been shown to cause an allergic reaction in some individuals. However, most allergies are attributed to foods like dairy, wheat, chocolate, peanuts, shellfish, and specific preservatives. Allergic reactions will vary from person to person, but many of those who suffer from a food allergy will experience dark circles. In this case, the circles are most often due to swelling caused by water retention.

At Home Treatment for Dark Circles

There are several things you can do to help relieve your allergy symptoms and reduce your under eye circles.

  • Reduce swelling with a cold compress. Simply place a washcloth in cold water and wring it out, then lie down and place the washcloth over your eyes. Relax and leave the compress over the eyes for about 15 minutes.
  • Cucumber slices can also help to reduce swelling. The anti-edematous solution in the pulp of the cucumber helps to repair the damage to the sensitive skin.
  • Allergies often cause a deficiency in important vitamins including Vitamin A and B12. A multivitamin can help to replenish the vitamins in the body.

Medical Treatment for Dark Circles

When at home treatments aren’t enough to get rid of dark circles, it may be time to visit an allergy doctor. Allergy treatment in Houston can help you to find relief from dark circles, as well as trouble breathing through the nose, itchy eyes, sneezing, and other allergy symptoms.


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