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Did Your Child Get an Ear Infection From School?

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The beginning of the school year brings the promise of intellectual growth for your child. Unfortunately, it’s also the time of the year where children are exposed to a large variety of ailments they normally wouldn’t develop. Ear infections are one of those conditions that increase sharply in the presence of other children, especially when classes begin each new scholastic semester.

The Development of Ear Infections

Typically, an ear infection isn’t specifically spread directly from the ear of one child to another. Instead, infections developed as a complication that arises due to other diseases, such as a cold or a respiratory ailment.

The middle ear is the part of the anatomy that’s to blame. Two small pieces of tissue in the back of the nasal canal, referred to as adenoids, are frequent targets of swelling and infection. Due to their proximity to the eustachian tubes, which connect the ear with the throat, the adenoids may end up blocking the tubes, preventing the middle ear from properly draining. This leads to ear infections, as warm, moist conditions are ideal for creating viral or bacterial growth in the ear.

Any condition that leads to increased mucus generation around the head or respiratory system may lead to ear infection if these tubes become blocked.

Symptoms and Cures

Symptoms of ear infection may take many forms, beginning with itchiness of the inner ear, which your child may attempt to alleviate by pulling on the ear or rubbing the area. If your child has difficulty hearing, or if you notice blood and other fluids discharge from the ear, an infection is likely. Other signs of ear infections include irritability, fever, and a lack of appetite.

Most infections clear up on their own through time. But persistent or chronic infections may require anti-viral or antibiotic medication to eliminate the condition. If left untreated, your child may experience permanently impaired hearing, developmental difficulties, or tearing of the eardrum.

For the most part, ear infections cause some discomfort for a little while before disappearing. However, in cases of chronic otitis media, the infection may result in complications that lead to learning and speech impairment due to the inability to listen properly.

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