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Do Your Kids Have Thick Yellow or Green Mucus? They Might Have Sinus Infection

During the winter months, runny noses and coughs are all too common. However, it’s important to be aware of signs and symptoms that could indicate a more serious issue. What might look like a harmless runny nose could be a sign of a sinus infection. Read below to find out how to tell the difference between a normal cold and s sinus infection.

Signs and Symptoms of a Sinus Infection

The signs of a sinus infection start with cold symptoms. When your child begins to develop a cold, monitor his or her symptoms. The following indicators may tell you that your child has transitioned from a cold to an infection.

  • Cold symptoms typically peak within 3 to 5 days and disappear after about 10 days. An infection will continue past those 10 days.
  • A persistent headache may cause discomfort that worsens when bending down.
  • Dark circles may form around the eyes as a result of swelling around the nose and eyes.
  • The swelling in the face can also cause tenderness, pain, and discomfort.
  • While colds will produce clear mucus, sinus infections will cause yellow or green mucus.
  • Some individuals may experience pain, vomiting, and light sensitivity as well.

What You Should Know About Mucus

Mucus is a sure sign that a cold has taken over your child’s health. When the color of the mucus changes from clear to a thick yellow or green, it’s often a sign of a sinus infection.

Mucus exists all the time, not just during cold season. The liquid contains a protein which works to fight infections and protect the body from allergens, bacteria, and viruses. However, when fighting a cold, the thin layer of mucus gets thicker as a way of fending off the attack.

When dealing with an infection, the color will change from clear to yellow or green. The change in color is due to a greenish colored enzyme produced by white blood cells. The enzyme works with the mucus and causes the discoloration.

Relieving Mucus and Curing Infection

There are some steps you can take to relieve symptoms of s sinus infection.

  • Drinking plenty of liquids can help to clear congestion while also preventing dehydration.
  • The steam from a warm shower is another great way to break up congestion. The warmth can also be relaxing for those who are having trouble sleeping.
  • Warm drinks will ease the discomfort caused by swelling in the face.

When home remedies aren’t enough, and your child has been experiencing symptoms for 10-14 days, it may be time to seek a medical help. Visit Dr. Nguyen to find an effective solution for your child.

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