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Is Swimmer’s Ear Causing You Pain?

If you are experiencing an inflammation of the outer ear and ear canal, it is likely due to an outer ear infection, clinically known as otitis externa and commonly known as Swimmer’s Ear.

The condition gets its name from the situation where bacteria grows in a moist ear of someone who has gone swimming, but any time the outer ear canals are unable to protect against bacterial growth, an outer ear infection can occur.  An ear’s natural defenses can be affected by excess moisture, scratches or abrasions, or the a skin’s sensitivity to items like jewelery or products like hair spray.

Short and Long Term Effects of Swimmer’s Ear

Depending on the severity of the infection, the effects of an outer ear infection can range from slight discomfort to conditions that require immediate medical intervention.

Some of the more mild symptoms include:

  • Itching in the ear canal
  • Drainage of fluid
  • Some decreased or muffled hearing

When left untreated, more serious symptoms include:

  • severe pain in the face, neck or side of the head
  • complete blockage of the ear canal
  • fever

Ear Infection Treatments for Houston Residents

Typically, the early stages of Swimmer’s Ear can be easily treated with medication, but if the infection spreads or intensifies, more specialized treatments will be necessary.  At Houston Sinus & Allergy, our experienced ear specialist Dr. Nguyen can examine your condition and determine the severity, and which level of treatment would be most effective.

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