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Easy Tips to Minimize Discomfort After Balloon Sinuplasty Surgery

baloon sinuplastyIt’s not every day that you hear someone ranting and raving about how great Balloon Sinuplasty Surgery is but if they are, they have a reason.  The procedure is kind of a big deal.  Besides offering such an effective way to clear up sinus problems, it’s quick and efficient.

The whole “its too good to be true mentality” isn’t a bad one to have when it comes to surgeries but when it comes to Balloon Sinuplasty there’s nothing to worry about.

We’re going to clear away doubt by talking about what the process entails, why it works so great and how you can have a speedy Balloon Sinuplasty recovery.

Pushing the Envelope

Recurring problems in your sinuses typically thrive off the conditions in your airways.  The sinuses are air-filled sacks behind your cheeks, forehead and nose and are very important to regulating the moisture of your air.  Unfortunately, they tend to get infected easily.

In the past, the only thing you could do about it was typical medications or Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS).  Like most surgeries, it involves cutting and bleeding.

Yeah, I admit it’s not the most amazing sales pitch but it is hyper-accurate and ridiculously successful.  Even with the benefits, I’m sure you can see why some folks would hesitate.

Well now those people don’t have an excuse.  Balloon Sinuplasty Surgery is a cutting edge in-office treatment that uses a small catheter inserted into the sinus which then inflates.  It opens the sinus by nudging as opposed to other methods and provides long lasting relief.

Now that you have a rough idea of what it is, what steps can you take to have a good balloon sinuplasty recovery?

Being diligent – The key to balloon sinuplasty recovery

The key to any successful post-op protocol is an attention to detail and follow through.  Luckily, the unique way balloon sinuplasty clears up your sinuses doesn’t need as much effort as your typical surgery.  Here are some ways you can be back on your feet in no time:

  • Don’t blow your nose – For the first day you’ll want to hold off.  Your nose is in a delicate state.  If you have to, opt for a nasal spray.
  • Rinse! – You’ll get some nasal sprays and rinse when you go home.  Make sure to spray up to four times in each nostril every four hours or so.
  • Take your meds – It’s likely your Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor (ENT) will prescribe some medicine.  Follow any instructions to the letter and don’t self medicate!  This includes aspirin or any blood thinners which will affect your recovery.
  • Take it easy – Wait at least 12 to 24 hours before you go back to any sort of exercise or vigorous work.  This period is critical for your recovery.  To make things easier for you the first few nights, sleep with your head elevated.

Easy as pie

Compared to some of the other ways you can solve sinus issues, balloon sinuplasty is pretty darn convenient.  Done in-office, it’s hard to even consider it a surgery at all.

The tips above may make your balloon sinuplasty recovery a quick and simple affair.  Just remember, if you’ve got any questions or notice anything unusual your first phone call should be to your ENT.  As long as you listen to them you’re guaranteed to be feeling better and breathing clear.


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