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Here’s What You Need to Know about Sneezing while You’re Pregnant

Sneezing While Pregnant

Can sneezing too hard cause a miscarriage? Of course not. But if you scan blogs and pregnancy forums, this question gets asked a lot—about 127,000 times, according to Google. Please know that sneezing while pregnant is perfectly safe!

Pregnancy is a time of many physical changes and you may wonder what’s normal. So let’s address some common concerns women have about sneezing.

1. Hard Sneezing while Pregnant is Not Harmful to the Baby

A big sneeze can contract the muscles in your entire body and you may worry that the baby is affected. Be assured that no matter how big the sneeze, it is not harmful to your baby. Even when you sneeze a lot, the baby is safe.

2. The Pain You May Feel Is Perfectly Normal

Some women report feeling pain when they sneeze. This is known as round ligament pain and it is a common occurrence. Connecting the groin to the front of the uterus, the round ligament is thick and provides support during pregnancy.

“Normally, the round ligament stretches, tightens and relaxes slowly. However, during pregnancy, the round ligament is stretched out further.When you sneeze, the round ligament reacts to the sudden movement by tightening quickly, similar to the way a rubber band snaps,” says

Holding your belly and being upright—not laying flat—while sneezing can help ease the pain.

3. A Small Amount of Urine Leakage is Normal

It’s an uncomfortable sensation—and embarrassing—to sneeze and feel a bit of urine leak. Many women worry this is a sign something is wrong. It’s not.

Urine leakage is due to“the added pressure that is on the bladder as a result of pregnancy. In addition to pressure from the baby, there is also lots of bladder pressure that accompanies each sneeze,” said Sabina Rose.

4. Sneezing Frequently is Normal

Roughly one in three pregnant women will suffer from what’s called pregnancy rhinitis. This condition is caused by higher amounts of estrogen in your body which can trigger swelling in mucous membranes. So your nose may run and your sinuses may feel congested. It could feel like having a cold but with no fever or body aches.

Another cause of the congestion could be the larger amount of blood in your body. This increased blood volume can make the tiny blood vessels in the lining of your nose swell, resulting in a stuffed-up sensation.

5. You Don’t Have to Suffer

If you are experiencing uncomfortable congestion or increased sneezing while pregnant, there are steps you can take to remedy the situation. Make an appointment with an ENT specialist to find a safe solution that will work for you.

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