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How to Beat Summer Colds and Enjoy The Beautiful Season

how to beat summer coldsA shallow cut hurts more than a deep one.  Being under the weather is sort of the same thing.  It’s usually the bothersome and mild bugs that stick around and make life uncomfortable.  A summer cold fits that bill. Summer colds are real party crashers.  There you are, ready for the season you deserve, no – NEED and from out of the blue you’re weak, congested and stuck indoors.  It’s like planning a dinner for months and then showing up with a stained shirt.

Sickness doesn’t care about your plans and so we’ve taken the time to compile a list of ways you can salvage your summer.

The Nature of The Beast

The common cold is caused by hundreds of viruses collectively known as Rhinoviruses.  Despite what you may think, a summer cold is often a different virus altogether.

Enterovirus infects the tissues of your eyes, nose and throat.  It also makes you feel tired, congested, and cough.  Unlike its more common cousin however, it infects our digestive tract.  This means it lurks in our toilets and washrooms.  Yikes.

It’s also nastier.  Muscle pain is more pronounced along with diarrhea and sometimes rashes!

The worst part has to be the length of it.  Sunny weather lulls us into a false sense of security and we forget the heat is actually partly responsible for letting the bug linger.

Monster Slaying

Knowing your enemy is half the battle but even that won’t save you if you’re suddenly sick.  One thing that will though is being resourceful.

“Folk Remedies” are usually dismissed as snake oil but some really do work.  Lifestyle blogger Tim Ferriss has done us a favour and compiled a short list of home remedies that work.

There are some things to consider though: Enterovirus may not be as susceptible to traditional remedies as a regular common cold.  Another thing to note is that all the lovely, healthy concoctions you’re taking may actually be undermined by your surroundings.  That’s why it’s best to cover all the angles.

Securing the Battlements

It’s counterintuitive to think that heat has anything to do with getting a cold. It’s out of left field and it’s indirect but there are steps you can take to be safe.

Some things to keep in mind to avoid catching a cold in the heat are:

  • Don’t blast the AC.  Re-circulated air hurts the lining in our nose and throat.  Try to gradually enter a cooler environment so your body isn’t shocked.
  • Drink lots of water!  This will keep your body strong.  It also counteracts the drying effects of air conditioning.
  • Look before you leap.  Jumping into physical activity too quickly will weaken you.  If you’ve got a virus, it’ll take advantage and strike!
  • Be a germaphobe.  Since Enterovirus can live in fecal matter, be extra careful in washrooms and around doors.

Delivering The Killing Blow

Just because we live in an age where we can get instructions to self-treat anything doesn’t mean we should.  There’s no shame in asking for help or medicine if it means getting better, whether its nasal polyps, colds or, other ailments..

Think about some over-the-counter meds.  Cough suppressants, nasal sprays and even products for fever may help you cope.  It can also be the final push you need to kick the bug out.

Another thing you shouldn’t rule out is talking to a doctor.  There’s a small chance you have a deeper issue.  Either way a professional can check you out in ways an online tutorial can’t, even if your willpower to get back outside is as colossal as your headache.

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