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How To Prepare For Allergy Shots

allergy shotsAllergies are maddening, there’s no doubt about it.  Discomfort becomes the norm and most just deal with the episodes of itchy, scratchy, watery agony.  Luckily, there are things we can do to feel better.

When you tell someone who’s used to living with allergies about allergy shots, their eyes light up.  They slowly get you closer to experiencing reduced symptoms of what you’re allergic to and in some cases, get rid of the problem altogether!

How to Prepare for Your Allergy Shots

Immunology treatment is a way to control allergy symptoms.   Similar to vaccines, allergy shots contain a tiny bit of what causes you to react and well, be miserable.  Since the amount is small, it won’t actually trigger your reaction.

Instead you give an immune response and the process is repeated with a slight increase of the allergen.  The idea is that over time, your body will react differently to something it’s constantly being exposed to.

Laying the Foundation

First is the building phase.  For up to and maybe over half a year, you’re going to be receiving increasing amounts of the allergen.  You may be getting multiple shots during the week at this point.

After this is the maintenance phase.  Monthly at a steady dose make sure your body commits to staying strong whenever you’re around what would typically cause you a reaction.

In order to make sure your shots go off without a hitch, you’ll want to keep the following in mind:

  • Fill your doctor in:  A doctor can only account for the things he knows so you need to be completely honest.  If you’re taking any medications or treatments, make sure to be clear about it to avoid any complications.
  • Having a child?  If you’re planning or are pregnant, make sure to check with your doctor to see if the shots can be continued or not.
  • Get a skin test:  You’ll be having a skin test if you’re unsure of whether you’re allergic to something or not.  This is when a specific part of your skin is exposed to an allergen.  If there’s a reaction after 15 minutes your doctor will take note.  Sometimes this can be found out in blood tests.
  • Need some air?  Make sure to let doctors how you feel during your shots, especially if you have asthma.
  • Slow down!  Make sure you aren’t jumping into a workout or going for a run a couple of hours before and after your shots.  It can get your blood flowing and accelerate the allergens moving through your system.

Most people are naturally immune to certain allergens.  Life’s unfair that way but it doesn’t mean you have to be burdened with them forever.

Allergy shots can really make the difference.  By following the tips above and seeing the right doctor, you can say good riddance to months of feeling miserable and stuffy.

If you’re experiencing any symptoms from allergies, let us help you find relief.  Contact us today to book an appointment.

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