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How To Prepare For Septoplasty Surgery

septoplasty surgery Pain is one of those things that brings up similar emotions in all of us.  We want to get it over it, rush through it and just tear the Band-Aid off.  It’s sort of like fire walking.  Why would you calmly step through the burning coals when you could run through and be done with it?

That reaction happens when it comes to your health too.  Needles, surgeries and other procedures aren’t just painful, they’re scary.  Septoplasty is a surgery that can really make a difference when it comes to your sinuses and general health.

You may just want to get through it, but having the right preparation is key if you want to reap all the benefits and have nothing go wrong.

What is Septoplasty Surgery

Septoplasty is, in short a surgery to repair or adjust your septum.  The bone and cartilage separating your nostrils can be crooked or deviated causing a whole slew of problems ranging from sleep apnea to blockages.

Sometimes, Septoplasty is tied into a different procedure altogether as a way of accessing the nose.  An example of this would be the removal of nasal polyps.  Whatever the reason, there are a few things you need to make sure you do before you begin to have a successful surgery.

How to Prepare for Septoplasty Surgery

There are a few prerequisites you have to have before getting Septoplasty.  Some are common to surgeries while others are more specific:

  • Arrange for a pickup: The surgery involves general anaesthetic.  That means you need to have travel arrangements pre-planned.
  • Don’t eat or drink from midnight on, the day before:  Again this is so the anaesthetic doesn’t make you ill.
  • Stop taking medications your doctor indicates:  This is usually a week before, to reduce the chance of bleeding.
  • Stop smoking:  If you’re a smoker you’ll want to stop weeks before and after the surgery.  The smoke irritates the inside of your nose greatly increasing the chance of bleeding.

Drop anchor

Never be afraid to ask your doctor if you’re unclear about something.  They’re there to answer your questions and make sure the job is done right.  Other things you may encounter right before your surgery include blood tests, x-rays and even pictures of your nose or nostrils.

It doesn’t seem like much but following the steps listed above will make sure that you’re not dealing with this surgery long after the fact.  Smooth recovery has a great deal to do with preparation and rushing through things or ignoring instructions is going to come back to haunt you later.

Make an appointment with Dr. Nguyen today to determine if septoplasty surgery is right for you, and get the relief you need. 

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