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How to Stop Children From Putting Things in their Noses

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Children like sticking things up their noses. They’re naturally adventurous and curious, and not knowing the purpose of things can lead them to do some strange things.

Unfortunately, an object stuck in a child’s nasal passages can be awkward to remove an even dangerous. The sensation of having something stuck in one’s nose can be very uncomfortable, and there is a very real concern in some cases that such an item could travel down into the mouth and be swallowed or get inhaled into the lungs, where it might block airflow.

Dirt on inserted objects can also cause infections. Regardless of whether the obstruction is a health risk or just irritating, removal is important but prevention is better.

So how can we discourage them from taking household items and inserting them into their nasal passages? Here are some tips on what to do to keep your child from stuffing things up their nose:

  1. According to Hitched Magazine, you can try talking to your child. Explaining that it is dangerous to put things up their nose and that they won’t like how it feels may make them think twice before cramming in that bead or crayon.
  2. The magazine also suggests checking your home from a child’s point of view to identify potential temptations and storing small objects where your child can’t reach them.
  3. recommends the distract-and-substitute approach. When you notice a possible nose clogger in your child’s hands, distract them from the object, remove it from their vicinity, and replace the item with something more suitable. This way, your child still gets to play with something, and you can both breathe easier!
  4. The website also points out the importance of buying safe toys that don’t have tiny parts perfect for nose-stuffing. Buttons, removable pieces, and beads are a few things to look out for. Fun can then be had without you having to worry about your child taking in harmful objects.

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