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Is Balloon Sinuplasty Procedure Worth a Try?

balloon sinuplasty Sinusitis makes life difficult and if it happens often, then you’ve no doubt thought about dealing with it once and for all.  Until recently, the only solution was to go in for surgery but balloon sinuplasty treatment changed all that.

Here are 5 reasons why balloon sinuplasty is a great option for people suffering from sinus infections.

1) Quick and Convenient

Balloon sinuplasty is done comfortably in your doctor’s office under local anesthetic.  The procedure only takes a little over an hour and you can walk out the very same day.

2) Less Invasive

Any alternative to surgery is naturally going to be less painful.  One of the main benefits of balloon sinuplasty is just how different it is.

There’s little to no bleeding, absolutely no cutting and no scarring.  These are often the reasons people stay away from surgeries in the first place and it’s a huge reason many more are turning to this new procedure.

3) Recovery

Traditional surgeries, including Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery or FESS often have very complicated post-operative procedures and long recovery times.

Balloon sinuplasty on the other hand, is such a simple procedure that you won’t be grounded for days.  Within 48 hours, you can get back to your regular routine and you can walk out of the doctor’s office without feeling like you’ll need to miss weeks of work.

4) Safety

The stereotypical horror story most people dread coming true is the surgery gone wrong.  Complications aren’t common in most surgeries, but they’re not unheard of, either.

Those considering balloon sinuplasty can breathe a sigh of relief. In 2005, balloon sinuplasty was approved by the FDA as safe and the technology was actually adopted from angioplasty, a time-tested procedure that widens clogged arteries using a balloon.

5) Results

The most promising thing about balloon sinuplasty is the results that patients who received the treatment report.  Sinusitis can become chronic and the lasting relief that the procedure gives is remarkable. Up to 95% of patients have noticed significant improvement in their sinus condition. The dramatic changes people report and all the pros of the procedure mean that you shouldn’t hesitate trying it out.

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