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Keep Your Ears Healthy This Summer With These 7 Easy Tips

Human earWhen looking back on life, one of the most common things people miss is how easy things were when they were kids.  One of the last things on anyone’s mind at this age is how to keep your ears clean and healthy. If your thoughts on ear hygiene begin and end with the words “cotton swab”, don’t worry.  You’re not alone. Below we’ll share interesting tips that keep your ears working:

#1: Do It Yourself!

Before we get into this, we need a disclaimer.  Ears are delicate.  Before you try anything, do your research and check with a doctor.

Scary warning aside, there are plenty of ways you can keep your ears clean on your own.  Most of them involve ear irrigation.

Yep, lots of flushing and pouring things in your ear.  Ways to prepare wax softeners and what to flush your ear with vary but the process is simple.  Wikihow has a handy and informative step-by-step guide that illustrates the whole process.  Remember, safety first!

#2: Keep ‘em Covered!

Have you ever seen a wrestler or mixed martial-artist’s ear?  For fighters, it’s practically a rite-of-passage.  Cauliflower ear happens because of ears rubbing and damaged during sparring or fighting.  The resulting swollen ear needs fluid drainage to heal.

Clearly, ears are delicate and can get hurt easily.  During the summer they can burn faster than other parts of your face.  A slathering of sunscreen will keep them from getting crispy.  If you’re stuck with icy winter you should think about investing in a pair of ear muffs or a hat for protection.

#3: Shake It Off

Swimmer’s ear is definitely one of the most common ear problems. Damaged tissue exposed to contaminated water or water trapped inside the ear are the perfect environment for bacteria to grow.  Suddenly you’re in for a world of hurt with itching, burning and liquid discharge.  Lovely.

We recommend drying your ears with a towel after taking a dip. Also, tilt your head from side to side when you dry yourself off.

#4:  No Touching!

The old saying “Don’t put anything in your ear smaller than your elbow” is one any Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Doctor would agree with.  Don’t go digging in your ear with objects for any reason.  Ever.

Earwax exists to lubricate and protect your ears.  As a barrier, it keeps infection away.  It’s understandable why most consider it to be dirt but removing it by force will only hurt you.

#5: Keep It Simple

You don’t need to get carried away when it comes to cleaning your ears.

Ear candling is a perfect example of going too far.  Purported to do everything from clearing your sinuses to purifying your blood, ear candling is a more traditional response to ear troubles.

The problem is that the risk outweighs the benefit.  What do I mean?  Hot wax, meet eardrum.  Please don’t.

#6: Really?

Incidentally, there is some weight behind another superstition. How stuff works has a detailed guide on ear care tips including an interesting fact about how to teach your children to sneeze.

Holding in a sneeze could force an existing infection into the ears.   Smoking would also increase the chance of infection.

#7: Otolaryngologist

Honestly, you’re no ear expert.  But on the off chance you are, then you’re probably an ENT.  Doctors are really the only people that can help and relieve any issues you may have.

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