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Meanings of 7 Common Dreams

dreamsDreams are perhaps one of the most ambiguous yet mysterious phenomena in the history of mankind. They range from the simplest repetition of a previous event to the oddest, unrealistic and most disturbing scenarios that can inspire, fascinate, thrill and terrorize many. There are different reasons why people dream and even more types of dreams that encourage or haunt people, and the explanations and meanings of these dreams vary.

Whether or not a person chooses to believe in dreams and what they stand for, it is undeniable that dreams are a part of oneself. The philosopher Henry David Thoreau once said that “Dreams are the touchstones of our characters.” Learning the different types of dreams and their meaning may serve as an inspiration, a cautionary tale or just maybe an interesting and amusing piece of information. Here are seven common dreams and their interpretations and meanings.

1. Missing Teeth

A common dream scenario plays out like this: the dreamer finds out that his or her teeth are either rotting, beginning to fall out, or have already fallen out. This type of dream is disturbing for most people because dental health is important not just for hygiene but also for personal appearance. Missing or losing teeth in dreams are understood to be the subconscious projecting one’s fear of becoming unattractive. It is also interpreted as a version of a real-life experience of losing one’s confidence.

2. Falling

An old wives’ tale once said that when one dreams of falling and hitting the ground, the dreamer would actually die in real life, but it is just that – a tale. However dreams of falling may be a representation of the dreamer’s current situation in life – one that may be going in the wrong direction or not according to plan. Dreams of endless falling may also signify the dreamer’s lack of support system, when he or she feels that there is no one to turn to.

3. Being Chased

Dreaming of being chased by monsters, animals, unknown or faceless people are terrifying. It only means one thing: that the dreamer is trying to run away from something or someone in real life, that he or she is avoiding awkward or hostile confrontation. The solution to this is simple: man up and face the challenge and the dream of being chased will stop from haunting one’s sleep.

4. Snakes

Snakes are just as horrifying in real life and in dreams. But the message of seeing a snake lying in wait in one’s dream usually means that one’s subconscious is detecting a threat or an oncoming misfortune which may catch a person unaware. However, dreaming of a snake shedding its skin presents a positive meaning – that of renewal or transformation. It may just as well be a symbol of encouragement or hope for a positive change.

5. Paralysis

Being in an extremely scary or life-threatening situation in dreams and being able to do run or do something about it is one thing, but being stuck in such a dream while unable to move or protect oneself is horrifying. This dream signifies one person’s inability to move on or to progress with a project or to improve one’s lot in life. Something is holding the dreamer back, and it is up to him or her to do something about it in real life – identify the obstacle and conquer it.

6. Death

Perhaps the most traumatizing dream is one of death. After all, facing one’s mortality is already difficult in real life, what more if one is fast asleep and helpless? Dreaming of death does not mean that one’s days are numbed. However, it means that the dreamer may be facing some challenges in understanding or even accepting one’s mortality. Such dreams may have positive effects in real life, if it is seen as a wake-up call in order to spend quality time with loved ones. Death in one’s dream is also interpreted as a need for rebirth or transformation.

7. Flying

No, it does not follow that when one flies in a dream that he or she secretly wants to become Superman or some other hero. It has something to do with ambitions, with one’s desire to become a high-flier in one’s personal or professional life. Flying in a dream reflects a person’s desire for success.

Missing teeth, falling, being chased, snakes, paralysis, death and flying and their aforementioned interpretations are just seven of the most common types of dreams and their meaning. There are countless dream scenarios and each one may be unique to the person who has them. Dreams are reflections of a person’s hopes, desires, fears and even current situation in life. In some cases, snoring disorders can trigger certain types of dreams. Some people may take dreams as a gentle reminder or a wake-up call. Others may not even believe in them. Still, dreams are a part of the human experience and are, at one point or another, unavoidable occurrences that make people stop, think and re-evaluate their lives.

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