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"Dr. Nguyen and his staff are very nice. The sinus procedure was tough at the beginning as I could not take steroids to aid the recovery process, but now I'm feeling great!"

Nasal Fracture Repair:  An Effective Treatment for a Broken Nose

If you have suffered from a nasal fracture, immediate action is often the best solution. Nasal fractures represent the 3rd most commonly broken bone in the body and is the most commonly broken facial bone.

Dr. Nguyen is certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology and the Royal College of Surgeons of Canada. His 10+ years of comprehensive practice in the area of Ear, Nose and Throat procedures and practices has made him an authority as well as someone you can trust to correct your nasal fracture.

Benefits of Nasal Fracture Repair

Nasal fractures can affect both bone and cartilage. A collection of blood, also known as “septal hematoma”, can sometimes form on the nasal septum. Due to the varying nature of nasal fractures, a multitude of options are available to the patient. However, the true road to recovery ultimately lies within the hands of your doctor and this is why making the right choice is so critical.

Having your fracture repaired significantly improves the chances of the fractured bone healing properly as opposed to being crooked or abnormal. Dr. Nguyen only applies the most advanced and effective methods when treating his patients. His track record of satisfied patients speaks volumes, not to mention his credentials.

Risks of Leaving a Nasal Fracture Untreated

Despite the frequency of nasal fracture, the condition often goes untreated. As a consequence, significant long-term functional and cosmetic problems may result such as:

  • Obstructed airways
  • Deviated septum
  • Abnormal healing
  • Heightened risk of repeat breakage

Dr. Nguyen is trained in the latest advancements in nose, ear and throat traumas, diseases and disorders.  His work in the area of nasal fractures is extensive and many treatments can be done in the office allowing patients to feel better sooner.

What To Expect With Nasal Fracture Repair

Firstly, it is important that your doctor diagnose the type and extent of the injury before applying any treatment as nasal fractures can take on varied forms.  One example of a result of a nasal fracture is a septal hematoma.

Septal Hematoma

Septal hematomas are collections of blood in the subperichondrial space. This places pressure on the underlying cartilage, resulting in irreversible necrosis of the septum.

Septal hematomas must be drained immediately upon their being found. A scalpel incision must be made to allow drainage. A small Penrose-type drain is placed to prevent reaccumulation. Finally, nasal packing is placed.

Where Can Houston Residents Get Relief?

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