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Sublingual Immunotherapy – The Amazing Secret to Breathing Better

sublingual immunotherapyLiving with allergies is a decision most people don’t make consciously.  It’s difficult to find out what you’re allergic to and equally confusing as to how to treat it.You’re more likely to treat the symptoms and hope they never come back.  Unfortunately, they do and will continue to do so.  Up until now, one of the most effective way to treat allergies was to get allergy shots. Sublingual immunotherapy is an amazing alternative.

What is Sublingual Immunotherapy? 

Sublingual immunotherapy treatments are a newer method of slowly making you immune to your specific allergies. The treatment begins by identifying any of your potential allergens.  An ear nose and throat doctor or an allergist can administer an allergy test.  This usually involves stimulating the skin to see what triggers a reaction.

Once your doctor knows what to focus on, they can begin to formulate an extract.  This tablet or capsule is then placed under your tongue.  After a few minutes it’s swallowed. The idea is to gradually build up immunity until you no longer need to get treated.  The extracts can be swallowed daily or a few times a week as needed and the dose can be adjusted.

Out of sight, out of mind

As mentioned above, sublingual immunotherapy wasn’t always an option.  Previously, allergic reactions could be managed with medications (like antihistamines) or by administering allergy treatment injections.

There’s an obvious downside to the former – it doesn’t fix the problem.  Becoming dependent on the drugs sets you up for failure.  What if your allergies flair up and you can’t get your hands on them?

Injections on the other hand while very effective, are highly inconvenient.  Besides being painful, they take a lot of effort on your part.  You’ll have to make your way to the doctor’s office every time for your shots, not allowing you to live as flexibly as you like.

Already proven and accepted in countries across the globe, sublingual immunotherapy is completely accessible, no matter how hectic your lifestyle may be.  You can treat yourself in the comfort of your own home and the process is simple.

If you’re trying to help a child with their allergies then it’s understandable why they could hate the idea of allergy shots.  Sublingual immunotherapy has been shown to be safe for children under the age of 5 allowing them to gradually get rid of their allergies without a scary needle.

Ask and you shall receive

Rather than try to address the symptoms of your allergy through costly and repetitive medicines or endure inconvenient trips to the doctor for shots, sublingual immunotherapy provides an easy way to finally rid yourself of your allergies.

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