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Top 24 Fitness Blogs You Must Check Out

There has definitely been a fitness boom in recent years. With so many fitness-minded people out there increasing the demand for health and fitness tips, there is a corresponding flood of supply in the form of blogs devoted to the topic. But how do you find the gems among the rubble when there is so much out there? After all, time is precious, you’ve got a workout to get done. Here are the best blogs for fitness tips, motivation, and information.

Breaking Muscle

Looking to get strong? Increase your core strength? Breaking Muscle’s blog has everything you need to know about muscle building, whether your goal is to get toned or you’re on a bodybuilding path.

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Mark’s Daily Apple 

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, right? And so does a daily dose of Mark’s. Not only does this witty blog offer up great fitness tips, motivation, and ideas, along with information on the Paleo Diet, it does so with a clever and funny twist, remembering another famous adage: laughter is the best medicine.

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If running is your passion, this is the blog for you. Everything running, from the why we do it, to fitness tips to get past any hurdles you’re facing (shin splints, runner’s block, monotony) is covered. They offer training programs geared towards runners, support forums, and tips.

Strength Running

What are your running goals? Are you a beginner? Looking to qualify for a marathon? Are you looking to increase your strength to improve your run? Strength Running is all about finding your personal best and sharing your love of running.

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Black Girls Run

There seems to be an overwhelming number of blogs that assume all fitness-minded people fit a certain mold. Black Girls Run breaks the mold and what we love most is that it encourages running in a demographic for which obesity has been a growing problem.

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Runner’s World Blog

There are lots of running blogs out there. The thing that makes Runner’s World worth visiting is the abundance of training programs available for free, the tremendous community support in the forums, and the sheer amount of worthwhile fitness tips in one place.

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Ultra Runner Girl 

Is running something no one would ever suspect you’d do? Are you new to running and need some motivation to get past beginner’s hurdles? The Ultra Runner Girl blog is a personal and motivating blog about one nerdy girl’s journey from brainy to sporty chock full of fitness tips.

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Ask Lauren Fleshman

Why do we love this blog? One word, positivity. Sometimes working out is just too much. Your muscles hurt, you don’t see results, you can’t find the time, you just want to give up. Those days need a healthy dose of Lauren Fleshman. Find fitness tips, get advice, learn how to keep going and don’t give up.

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Roman Fitness Systems

The blog of a personal trainer should be a great place to go to find free and easy tips to meet your fitness goals, and this one really is. Roman delivers great advice, tips, and training programs, all delivered with a dash of wit and wisdom to keep you coming back and getting fit.

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Tony Gentilcore Blog

The most important muscle to use when it comes to working out is your brain. If you don’t have the motivation and the will to do it, it’s not going to happen. Train your mind, and the body will follow is the idea, and this blog is a great place to start for brain training.

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Grit By Brit

Get down to the nitty-gritty of working out with Brit. She is positive, upbeat, and seriously dedicated to finding what it takes within you to keep going and achieve not just your fitness goals, but your dreams.

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Girls Gone Strong

When it comes to strength training, so much of what’s out there is geared towards men. There is definitely a need for more blogs like this one. Women’s bodies are different than men’s and especially when it comes to muscle-building.

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The Ready State

Videos, daily workout plans, and information that is solid enough to be used by professionals like physical therapists and coaches, but not so technical that it isn’t easily accessible by anyone needing to modify, improve, or challenge their workout.

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Lift Like A Girl 

All kinds of useful nutritional, motivational, and workout-geared information are packed into a well-organized blog. Weight training and exercise tips for women and mind/body information that is applicable to everyone make this blog a definite win-win.

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Eat, Lift, and Be Happy

Advice that just about anyone can follow: Eat, Lift, and Be Happy is a blog that keeps it simple and real. Great nutrition advice that can help literally anyone meet their fitness goals, and solid workout tips that work.

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Mentality WOD

The biggest part of working out really is the mind and your self-talk. Strengthen your mind/body connection and help your self-talk work for you and not against you with this blog.

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Run To The Finish

Get nutritional advice, health topics, workout tips, and personal stories that really help to motivate and inspire.

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Fit Bottomed Girls

Have fun, get fit, and share the journey with three personable and relatable ladies. Their stories motivate, inspire, and keep you on track to meet your fitness goals.

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The Art of Manliness

Get fit, be manly, and get a healthy dose of fun facts like the history of fitness on the side. There’s no reason working out has to be boring; feed your mind and get fit at the same time.

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Nerd Fitness

So many fitness sites can be intimidating because they seem to be felt with the slim, attractive, and effortlessly fit. Finally, there’s a fitness site for the Average Joe or the nerdy guy who might be hampered in their fitness goals by being tied to a desk for hours.

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Workout Mommy

Moms are one of the biggest workout demographics there is, and there’s plenty of blogs out there to work out to. Workout Mommy has the best elements of all those blogs: equal parts humor, motivation, and understanding of what it is to be a mom who works out.

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Loving Fit

Great workouts to try, nutrition, even fashion and lifestyle; this blog has it all. Every aspect of a healthy life is covered, not just fitness. Find holistic beauty tips and rigorous training regimens to target the whole body.

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Mind Body Green

Foods to eat (and not eat), workouts that will maximize your performance, and health tips for every aspect of your life make this blog a worthwhile one to keep in your regular rotation.

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Life Fitness

This blog is great for helping you make fitness part of all the aspects of your life. Get fit at work, get fit at home, use the tips on this blog to get fit and make it part of your lifestyle.

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