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Top 7 Well Paid Jobs You Can Only Get If You Have A Very Good Nose

You may roll your eyes when someone boasts about their supernatural sense of smell, but to the connoisseurs of the scent world there’s a whole lot of opportunity there. Today we’re going to talk about the jobs that require a powerful nose.

Retail Perfume Manager


You’ll need to know everything about perfumes.  What’s in season, differentiating brands and most importantly – how to match a person with their ideal scent. Remember, customers can be everything from indecisive, cheap, lost or outright hostile.  It’s up to you to make them and their noses happy.

$60,000 a year


aromatherapy oils

The essence of plants, flowers and herbs has been used for centuries in treatment and therapy.  Often paired with massaging, essential oils are thought to trigger certain reactions in people through smell and touch.  Lavender for instance, is used to calm a person or to treat wounds.

You’ll have to identify top notes and base notes in a scent and know which kind of oils are safe for your client.  Combining powerful oils can take your work far and you’re sure to have a profound effect on helping people through scent alone.

$60-$120.00 an hour.  $70,000 a year with massage 


This is the other end of the coin when it comes to smells affecting people.  Rather than using oils and scents to treat someone, an Aromachologist is a formulator of scents.  Used increasingly as science discovers more links between scent and the brain, an Aromachologist can find work boosting productivity, at an open house in real estate or even in the locker room to help athletes recover.

Asian news site Rocket News 24 has a pretty strange story on how Aromachologists are being used in China for health assessment in ways you’d never guess.

+$70,000 a year

Health & Safety / Food Inspector

food inspector

These folks hold all the power in the world – with their noses.  While not a primary factor of their job, Safety Inspectors will go in and appraise the quality of a facility – often unannounced. A strong nose can smell rotting, gas leaks or even bug infestations!  Yikes. A lot of trust is placed on Inspectors and a good eye for detail and sharp nose are definitely required if you’re up for becoming a full time watchdog.

$55-75,000 a year

Food and Flavour Chemist

Often working for dedicated flavor houses, a career made of designing wonderful tastes isn’t something to take lightly. Flavourists are chemists after all, and they have to stitch together fats, proteins and carbohydrates in ways that are resistant to all the things we do to our foods.  Then there’s food to make sure it’s safe to eat.

You have over 400 receptors in your nose that process smell as opposed to 40 in the mouth for taste.  Most of what you smell contributes to taste so a strong nose can help you appreciate the subtleties.

+$75,000 a year  


This is the big one that smell aficionados dream of.  Also known as perfume chemists, this job requires a thorough understanding of scents and how to blend them.  It isn’t something you just jump into either.

Most professional perfume houses require an apprenticeship period and significant training.  You’ll need a background in chemistry of course so that your wonderful scent doesn’t burn when it’s gently wafting off someone’s neck!

$65,000 – $100,000 a year  



A Sommelier knows all things wine.  They pair wines with appropriate foods.  Dealing directly with wine suppliers and manage the inventory of the restaurant they work from.

A Sommelier is expected to be able to know everything about wines including where they were made, what year and why any of that is significant.  This kind of work requires you to dive headfirst into the world of wine and dedicate your existence to the eternal question:  red or white?

$50,000 – $100,000 a year  

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