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What Does an Ear Nose and Throat Doctor Do? And What Do They Do for You?

Suffering from sinus problems sometimes feels like the world has a vendetta against you but once you get to know an ear, nose and throat doctor, life gets a little brighter. You’re not alone in your suffering and better yet, there’s a special kind of doctor out there dedicated to your issues. So how can an ENT specialist help?

What Do They Do?

Otolaryngologist is the medical term for an ear, nose and throat doctor, often abbreviated to ENT.

An ENT’s area of expertise ranges from broad issues like allergies to very specific ailments like a deviated septum and tinnitus. They handle much more than that but what makes them great is what they can do for the sinuses that have been bothering you.

ENT Tools of the Trade

ENTs have the skills and equipment to deal with your sinus problems. Their tools of the trade are complex and constantly improving and they can provide both short and long-term relief.

When you see an ear, nose and throat doctor, you’ll be examined to determine what’s going on with your sinuses. Depending on what they find, the doctor may recommend you try different things.

Some options to seriously reduce your sinusitis may include:

  • Turbinate Reduction: Swollen passageways often lead to trouble in breathing and can contribute to unhealthy sinuses. This option is lighting fast and very effective.
  • Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery: The traditional way to deal with swollen and infected sinuses; FESS makes a difference.
  • Balloon Sinuplasty: A recent technological advancement adapted from angioplasty, this procedure is simple enough to be done in your doctor’s office quickly and conveniently without any cutting.

The above are just the heavy-hitters in your ENT doctor’s arsenal. Your doctor may decide that your sinus problems are minor, especially if it’s your first time with a case of mild acute sinusitis instead of a chronic infection. In this case they suggest nasal sprays, decongestants or antibiotics. Obviously, visiting your doctor for an assessment is a good idea but how should you prepare?

Making an Informed Decision

The best thing you can do before you head to your assessment is to compile a list of information to help your ENT specialist. Think of everything, from the circumstances surrounding the onset of your sinus problems to what medicine you’re taking. If you have any allergies, they’re worth mentioning too as they can affect congestion.

It’s also worth thinking about referrals and insurance coverage. The last thing you want is to not be prepared when you’re only a few moments away from getting the treatment you need.

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