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What Does it Mean When You Can’t Stop Sneezing?

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Everything seems to stop when you need to sneeze. The entire body pauses as the tingling in your nose grows. Eventually the tingle forces you to try to expel whatever it is that irritates the inside of your nose. And you sneeze. But it doesn’t appear to have worked because you sneeze again, and again, and again…

When you can’t stop sneezing, you can’t really do anything else other than sneeze for the duration of the fit. The assumption that you just have a lingering cold or flu is likely incorrect, especially if you suffer from epic sneezing fits during allergy seasons.

The Anatomy of a Sneeze

Sneezing is an automatic reflex that’s built into every human’s physiology. This reflex occurs when the nose becomes irritated and your body attempts to remove the blockage, beginning with the rapid compression of the chest and diaphragm, which forces air to rush out of your mouth and nose.

This rush of air is designed to force any blockages out of the nasal canal, allowing you to breathe fully while expelling the potentially harmful nose invader. If your body feels like it didn’t get rid of the issue blocking the nasal passage, you will end up sneezing multiple times until your nose is clear or your brain no longer registers the blockage as an issue.

Sneezing a few times to get rid of a blockage is entirely normal, but if you find yourself sneezing for minutes at a time, you might be suffering from problems that your body can’t fix through reflex.

Uncontrollable Sneezing

Although you may believe that a cold, flu or another respiratory ailment may be the cause of your repeated sneezing, it’s more than likely that the actual culprit is a seasonal allergy like hay fever. During seasons in which plants and flowers increase pollen production, it’s much more difficult for your nose to regulate all the fine particulate matter that becomes lodged in the membranes of your nose.

In these cases, just sneezing may not be enough to get rid of all the matter accumulated in the nose, causing your body to continue indulging in a reflex that isn’t helping to solve the problem.

Although frustrating, it’s important that you do not attempt to suppress the sneeze, as doing so can cause a ruptured eardrum, broken blood vessels in the eyes and brain as well as problems with your diaphragm. Dealing with your allergies by visiting a specialist in your field can help reduce the occurrence of sneezing fits that don’t seem to stop when your nose is clear.

Still Affected by Allergies?  Get Help from a Sinus Doctor

Even if you reduce the factors that can cause allergies, you may still be suffering.  At Houston Sinus & Allergy, we treat patients with every kind of allergy, and pet allergies are common, and completely treatable.

Dr. Nguyen has over ten years experience specializing in allergy treatments, and can assess your situation to provide you with the relief you seek.  Contact us for an assessment, so we can begin gradually desensitizing you to your pet allergies, making it possible to love your pet and keep him, too.

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