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What If You Didn’t Have to Treat Allergies Anymore? What if There Was a Cure

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If you’ve gotten used to having allergies, it’s a sure bet you don’t often ask yourself: “what if there was a way I didn’t have to treat my allergies?”  Most people don’t realize that having allergies isn’t something that has to be permanent.  There are various allergy treatment options and even doctors who specialize in it.

Boy, that escalated quickly

Having allergies means developing a certain threshold for discomfort.  It’s not like you can just make your allergies cut it out when it’s inconvenient for you and so you learn to live with it.  Sometimes though, there can be a shift in your baseline allergy problem and it can be for the worse.

If you notice a sudden worsening in your allergies and medications seem to be ineffective, it could be time to think about seeing the doctor.  This goes for any trouble with your sinuses, ears, or a worsening of any preexisting conditions.

Allergies don’t jump around the discomfort scale a lot outside of seasonal flare ups and if new or more severe symptoms appear it usually means you’ll have to get used to a new normal.

So what do you do when you know it’s time to see a doctor?  You can’t use the emergency room and your family doctor may take a while to be brought up to speed.  Well, you see a specialist.

Diagnostics and diagnosis

Otolaryngology is a field that includes anything that has to do with your ear, nose and throat.  Doctors specializing in this field are called ENTs or ear, nose and throat doctors.  They’re the ones who can help you find the right way to tackle your allergies.

ENTs will test you in various ways to determine the nature and severity of your allergies.  They can also look at how your allergies interact with your body and what the triggers are.

From there they can plan out how to attack your allergies.  Obviously most medicines have been ruled out by the time you’re seeing one so there’s a chance they’ll recommend a more permanent solution.

Save me!

If your allergies have finally crossed the line and you’ve used up the last of your patience, its time to see what your ENT can do for you.  Most of their more definitive treatments are geared towards the long term.

Take Immunology Treatment for example.  These can be either administered as shots or taken in sublingual capsules.  The idea is to build up a resistance over time and building up your tolerance.  If it works for people who want to be able to be around their pet without sneezing, why can’t it work for you?

We Can Provide the Relief You Need

As an ENT doctor, Dr. Nguyen has specialized in allergy treatment, and utilizes the latest equipment and medicine in order to assess and treat patients.  His comprehensive approach involves treating the cause of the allergies, in addition to the symptoms, and believes in natural and healthy solutions wherever possible.

If you’re experiencing any symptoms from allergies, let us help you find relief.  You can either book an assessment or contact us today!

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