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What Is Balloon Sinuplasty?

sinus headache HoustonWe don’t often stop to appreciate beauty in simplicity.  Take for instance: the plunger.  This artfully simple tool saves us trouble when we need it most and it does so in the most straightforward way.  Could you imagine taking apart the toilet and opening up pipes every time they clogged?

Likewise, in our faces sometimes piping can get backed up.  Sinusitis can have us at the mercy of congested and blocked sinuses causing future complications. Usually we take apart the piping and have surgery removing bone and tissue.

Since that sounds atrocious, we’re going to talk about Balloon Sinuplasty.  Like the plunger, this safe procedure approaches the problem in a more practical way.

Snug Fit

As you may have guessed, this involves a balloon.  It may seem strange to imagine your sinuses inflated, but when the alternative is surgical cuts it’s safe to assume you’d rather take your chances with the balloon.

During the procedure a small catheter is inserted up the nose until it reaches the sinuses.  The flexible balloon inflates, gently widening the sinus walls.  After the soft restructuring, saline is sprayed in clearing away the pus and mucus.   Thus pipes are cleared, no pointy objects necessary.

The Best Option

Now I know the idea doesn’t have to be oversold but there are plenty of reasons why Balloon Sinuplasty is favourable to traditional endoscopic surgery.

Foremost is the recovery time.  You’re out for roughly 48 hours after the surgery.  The bleeding is most often minimal and the whole thing can usually happen in a doctor’s office under local anaesthetic. The most important reason though is the results.  Most patients who undergo Balloon Sinuplasty report immediate relief for up to two years!

But Do I have To?

You may think that measures like these are a bit hasty, especially in your case.  The reasons you’d look into getting it done are actually the same reasons you shouldn’t put it off:  Sinusitis.

This lovely word is a catch-all for viral, fungal or bacterial inflammations of the sinuses.  Strained or blocked breathing, headaches, facial pain and swelling are common side effects.  Most will endure the symptoms and hope they don’t come back.

The problem is that they often do.  Becoming chronic, sinusitis can worsen over time and start to cause serious complications.  Teeth start to ache, bad breath develops and you could even risk meningitis because the sinuses are so close to your brain!

If you love your sense of smell and aren’t fond of being perpetually uncomfortable, taking firm steps in preventing sinusitis is your best bet.   As you read this, nearly 30 million people, or 12% of the population are slogging through pain and you don’t have to be one of them.

Breathing Clear

We’ve talked about what Balloon Sinuplasty is, what role it plays in prevention and why it’s a good idea not to overlook an infection.  Although it can be a daunting step to consider, it’s a breeze when you consider that a traditional surgery was the only option in the past.

One way to get over the hesitation is to see what people who’ve had the procedure done have to say.  Blogger amywynn217 has blogged about this very issue!  She goes over the whole process from check-in to recovery.

Inconvenient as it may be to take time out of our hectic day to prevent sickness down the road, it’s wise to get our sinuses looked at.  If your toilet wasn’t flushing properly you wouldn’t ignore it.  Getting a plumber is expensive and messy but we’ve got a plunger.  Why not use it?

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