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What to Do When Your Sinus Problems Cause Too Many Sick Days

Sinus Problems Causes Sick Days

It’s not easy holding down a job when your sinus problems cause sick days but it’s not like you have a choice.

Sinus problems, like allergies can follow you around like a shadow but what you might not know is that there’s a way you can make yourself feel better and get back to work while you’re at it.

Image is everything

Being kept at home by your sinus problems has as much of an effect on your workplace than with you.  Being constantly sick isn’t going to look good in the eyes of your employer.  But how can they understand what you’re going through?

They won’t, that’s not the point.  To your boss, an absent employee has a chain reaction.  First, there’s the lack of manpower.  Someone’s going to have to pick up your slack and if your sinuses make your presence a rarity, you can bet your bottom dollar your employer (and colleagues) will be wondering why they don’t replace you with someone more consistent.

It isn’t just workload, either.  You’ll be costing your employer money.  If it isn’t through paid sick days (which surely your sinuses will use up), than it’ll be through lost profit.

Yearly, up to $227 billion is lost in productivity because of absent employees.  That’s a lot of cash!  You could be the greatest worker but if your sinuses are keeping you at home, it won’t matter.  The damage to your reputation will be done, adding on to your raging sinus headache.

On the home front

It isn’t just your employer you should worry about; it’s yourself.  What happens when you run out of sick days?  Do they even pay you?  Eventually, you’re going to need to put food on the table but as anyone with sinusitis knows – this goes on for months.  So what do you do?

Well, if you go to work in your weakened state, you might get sicker.  It may not even be related to sinusitis but there’s a chance.  You’re not alone either, surveys show that up to 53% of food sector workers have admitted to working while they’re sick.

Even if you explain that your sinus problem is chronic and you’re fine, your employer will still worry that you’ll get your colleagues and even the public sick.  Everyone knows that working while you’re under the weather is never a good idea so what options do you have?

Do You Need a Sinus Doctor to Help You With Your Sinus Problems?

If your sinus problems are causing you to take out too many sick days, you should visit an Ear, nose and throat doctor for immediate relief.

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