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Why am I So Tired? Spring Allergies Cause Fatigue (But Don’t Have to)

If you’re sick and tired of allergies you may think it’s just from being fed up but few know that spring allergies cause fatigue.

How your exhaustion increases in relation to your allergies isn’t as obvious as you think but if you know all the factors that contribute to it, you can definitely avoid it.

Just going to rest my eyes for a minute

Why your spring allergies cause fatigue isn’t as simple as a straightforward symptom.  Sure, some allergic reactions can make you feel a little drowsy but more often than not, the real cause has to do with your breathing.

If you’re in the middle of a flare up, odds are your nasal passages are getting a little tight, to put it mildly.  During the day, this amounts to some unhappy breathing and a frantic dash for the medicine cabinet.  At night though, breathing is ten times more important.

When you sleep, all the muscles in your throat loosen up, making your airways smaller.  This is actually the cause of sleep apnea and if you’re congested, you encounter a similar problem.

Although you won’t be waking up hundreds of times a night like someone with sleep apnea, you won’t be sleeping like a baby either.

The second main reason you’re exhausted has to do with the solution instead of the problem.  Antihistamines are known to cause a significant amount of drowsiness and if you become over reliant, you’ll notice an increase in yawns and yearning for your pillow.

A little bit of column A, a little bit of column B

How you treat your allergies is very important.  You can’t just go for a swim in an over-the-counter cocktail and expect to kill them off with brute force.  It’s a lot easier if you remember to think about timing.

If you change your mindset to become preventative instead of reactionary, you’ll find relief a lot quicker.  That being said, the next time you buy eye drops, antihistamines or steroid sprays, try to predict when you’ll need them and take them before.

Sticking to preventative thinking, you can always explore more permanent options.  What if you could be immune to your allergies?

Adapt and overcome

Within the last few decades, the technology behind immunotherapy has undergone a bit of a quantum leap.  Ear, nose and throat doctors have successfully devised ways to make you immune to the allergens that trigger your flare-ups.  What’s more, there’s new and more convenient ways to make it happen.

Typically, you’d go for immunotherapy shots.  These injections contain miniscule amounts of allergens and after a time, your body becomes numb to their effects.  Nowadays you don’t even have to visit the doctor.

Instead, you can take drops under the tongue and achieve the same effect from the comfort of your own home.

There’s clearly no reason why you have to put up with your spring allergies causing fatigue.  It’s up to you though to play it smart ago find that relief.

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