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Why Home Remedies for Ears and Nose Don’t Work

Having ear pain or infection is the start of an agonizing and tedious couple of days for most folks so it’s no surprise many will take the first ear home remedy they come across.

The thing is, as simple as your ear may seem, the conditions it can suffer from are pretty complicated and a quick fix can’t simply be mixed together in your kitchen.

Internal mechanics

Ear infections and headaches have a few things in common.  They both don’t last very long and the primary symptom is pain.  Waiting it out is definitely an option but that means having to sit there and grit your teeth until it’s all over.

Also, like headaches, having an ear infection consistently happen is usually indicative of a much larger problem.  Therein lies the two parts that require treatment:  The symptom and the cause.

When ear infections take root, it can either be viral or bacterial.  This usually happens when your immune system is already weakened, especially in children after a flu or cold.  Your middle ear will fill with pus and after a time this will push against your eardrum causing that telltale pain you may or may not know well.

Usually, an ear infection can last up to 72 hours.  That’s a lot of time for your eardrum to feel like it’s being inflated.  Enter the painkillers.

What it takes

The number one thing that can be done during the waiting phase of your ear infection is taking a pain killer.  Note, this is not a remedy.  This will only help you wait out the infection and get on with your life.  That’s the first flaw in natural remedies, they probably won’t be able to reduce the intense pain.

If you’re still having issues after three days, you need to get checked, stat.  There’s problem two with a natural remedy.  What’s at stake is serious – prolonged ear infections can lead to fever, swelling, spreading infection and even permanent loss of hearing!

The only option at this stage is using antibiotics that pack a wallop and no tincture, oil or herb can do that.  What’s more, you’ll need an expert to take a look at it.  As great as the internet is, all the DIY websites in the world don’t have the equipment or years of experience a specialist does.

A hero

Experimenting with home remedies when you’ve got ear pain is fine but if you’re at the point where you need antibiotics and a checkup, your best bet is an ENT.  Ear, nose and throat doctors have quite a fair bit of knowledge when it comes to ear infections as the name implies.

Infections that persist are usually a symptom themselves of something more complex hiding beneath the surface.  No ear home remedy or traditional brew will have the resources or knowledge to start looking closely.  Consulting with an ENT about your ear is one of the smartest things you can do as long as you hear them out.

Your REAL Solution

You’re in too much discomfort to rely on something that might work. So do things right and consult with an expert.


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